Conduction Works to Congratulate for Clean World Day

To congratulate for Clean World Day that will be celebrated on 21st September 2019 with 157 participating countries which celebrated at the same time, along with the Kingdom of Cambodia too.

In accordance with direction of National Committee for Clean City Assessment of the Ministry of Tourism and Provincial Administration, the Battambang Tourism Department instructed owners of tourism business bases, tourism services, tourism resorts, and tourist destinations in the province to clean sanitation and environment at their respective bases.

Particularly, at Provincial Tourism Department, on the morning of 21st September 2019, leaderships, servants, and all contracting officers of the department conducted works to clean sanitation and environment in the campus and surround the department.

This work is to congratulate for the Clean World Day, and to make contribution to the enhancement of sanitation, environment, to reduce and reaching at garbage eradication at the public places, the gathering places, and entertaining places in Battambang province.

Please join all together for our clean city, our clean province, our clean nation, and our clean world!