Cambodia Celebrates the World Tourism Day under Theme “Tourism and Employment: Better Future for All”

Cambodia Celebrates the World Tourism Day under Theme “Tourism and Employment: Better Future for All”

(Kampot): Cambodia set up Kampot province as a location for 2019 World Tourism Day Celebration under theme “Tourism and Employment: Better Future for All”; obviously on 25 September, the Ministry of Tourism cooperated with Kampot provincial administration in holding this event by having been advertised newly situations in relation to the world, regional and national tourism. Mr. Tith Chenda, Citing Minister of the Ministry of Tourism, said that the World Tourism Day is aimed at disseminating newly perspectives and sharing experience in tourism development around the world, and with the views to enhance tourism development in response to new global trends at the present and in the future.

He said, adding that in 2019, the World Tourism Organization set to celebrate this event under the theme “Tourism and Employment: Better Future for All”, which will be held in New Delhi, India, in the upcoming 27 September 2019, in conjunction with a Discussion Forum on Employment and Skill in Tourism Sector.  This day will be laid out recommendations to World Tourism Organization’s member nations in preparation for tourism development platforms forwards to maintaining sustainable growth, especially rolling out models and approaches of tourism and employment skills training in response to tourists’ demands in consistent with globalization trends, the attention to the increasingly environment and competitive growth between tourist destinations in the context of digital era. In the last 2018, despite trade war between some nations, tourism sector still has remarkable growth – the international outbound tourists who departure for trip in a whole world were up to 1, 400 in rate of 5%, beyond expectation.

The world tourism sector has still been a major sector contributing to jobs creation up to 10% of total jobs – among 10 jobs, there is one as job in tourism; contributing to 10% of the world gross domestic product (World GDP), increasing exportation income about USD 1.7 trillion, deducted into national economy, equivalent 7% of the world gross exportation, and 29% of total exportation in service. In 2019, the world tourism is expected to continue further increasing in rate of 4%, and in 2020 the world tourism is expected to increase up to 1, 600 million, and in 2030 will reach 1, 800 million. Particularly, in ASEAN region, international tourists in 2018 increased up to 135 million, in rate of 7.6%, in which ASEAN intra –tourists are about 40%. ASEAN tourism sector created about 30 million direct jobs and contributed to about 10% revenue, deducted into national economy of gross domestic product.

The whole ASEAN is expected to maintain a growth in gap of 7% – 8% in 2019. To Cambodia, during 7 months early of 2019, total international tourists visited Cambodia were about 3.84 million, increased by 11.1%, if compared to the same period in 2018. As vision, in 2019 Cambodia will gain 6.6 million international tourists; in 2020 will gain over 7 million; in 2025 will receive 11 million; and in 2030 will receive 15 million. To accomplish above vision, the Ministry of Tourism has been actively implementing of the 4 strategic angles include:

  1. Creation and promotion of new products.
  2. Strengthening service quality through a campaign of one service, one standard.
  3. Human resource development via a campaign of one staff, one skill.
  4. Smart tourism development.

In coincide with the world’s attention; the Ministry of Tourism has been paid a prioritized high attention to human resource development, and considered it as a core in sustaining a sustainable growth, and contributed to the realization of sustainable development. The Ministry of Tourism laid out and implemented actively Human Resource Development Strategic Plan in Tourism 2017 – 2025 with the vision of: 2020, the Ministry of Tourism has to promote at least 50% of tourism professionals to national and ASEAN based – capacity certified certificates or diplomas, through training or capacity assessment; in 2025 has to accomplish a campaign one staff, one skill – to enhance 100% of tourism professionals to have capacity certified certificates or diplomas; and in 2030 to reach sustainable development goals of United States (SDG4); (Lifelong Learning). Along with that, Mr. Tith Chenda also provided certain views in the ceremony, including:

  1. In 2019 is noted as year the world economy has back and ward growth, due to trade war between United State of America and China; the departure from European Union of British, intensive international political situation, the threat of Middle East war, the demonstration in Hong Kong; act.  These factors can directly or indirectly effect on the world tourism as well as on some tourist destinations.
  2. Ministry of Tourism will further try in training and strengthening capacity of youths who are working, as well as students who are studying to attain high capability in accordance with National and ASEAN Curriculum Standards, through putting out and implementing campaign (One Staff, One Skill) and Human Resource Development Strategic Plan in Tourism 2017 – 2025.
  3. Tourism Vocational Training Institutions and other training programs should update constantly its curriculums in response to skill marketing demands which have sharply changed – approach of skills training need to be further considered on self- capacity improvement in adaptation to newt trends in the future.
  4. All tourism business bases need to further think of their staff’s capacity building, by having to have skill developing and talent maintaining programs in order to be a foundation in improving its comparative advantages.