Message Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, on The Occasion of Congratulatory of The World Tourism Day, Under The Theme “Tourism and Jobs: A Better Future for All”


Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, on The Occasion of Congratulatory of The World Tourism Day, Under The Theme “Tourism and Jobs: A Better Future for All”

        Respected Monks!

        Beloved Compatriots!

        On the occasion of congratulatory of the World Tourism Day, on 27th September 2019, under the theme “Tourism and Jobs: A Better Future for All”. I, on behalf of the Royal Government of Cambodia have a great pleasure to be with all compatriots and nationalities throughout the world.

          I would like to high value for the World Tourism Organization, which has paid attention to enhancing the world tourism development, enhanced the significant roles of tourism sector in economic, social, cultural and environmental development by standing on the principle of sustainable and inclusive development.

          The Royal Government of Cambodia, once again, congratulates for the last 2018, the world received up to 1, 400 million international tourists, in growth rate of 5%, contributed to 10% jobs creation of total jobs, generated 10% income, deducted into national economy of the world gross domestic products (World GDP), representing 7% of the world total exportation, and about 29% of total exportation in service. This indicates that tourism sector is still ranked the number 3 of the world exportation, after fuel and chemical products exportation, leading in auto exportation and food products.

          Particularly, the last 20 years, after Cambodia attained fully peace, political stability and security through the nation and national unification from all parties, under Win-Win Policy, by having been integrated the former Khmer rouge forces into a Khmer family in 1998; Cambodian tourism sector possesses a profound growth by increasing from receiving only twenty thousand international tourists in 1998 to 6, 2 million in 2018, and created over sixty thousands direct jobs and more indirect jobs thousands. Nowadays with a high economic growth and increasing income of the people, Cambodia has also become a tourist market source for the world, through outbound Cambodian tourists, by 2018 about 2 million Cambodian people made trip outside nation, increased by 13, 9%, if compared to 2017. This indicates that the prosperity of a nation is also beneficial to other nations via tourism sector.

          In reference to cultural, natural and varieties traditional potentialities of Cambodia, tourism sector has been still a prioritized sector of the current Royal Government of Cambodia as well as in the future in sustaining socio – economic growth, through the income, skill, and further jobs generation for the people, especially young youth forces at tourist destinations, as determined in 4th Phase Rectangular Strategy of the Royal Government in Sixth Legislation of the National Assembly.   Cambodian tourism sector is a dynamic force contributing to supporting infrastructural development, to high efficient cultural and natural preservation and protection on the perspective of “Conservation for Development and Development for Conservation” moving forward to the contribution to the realization of 17 sustainable development goals 2030 of the United Nations.

          The Royal Government and Cambodian citizens have utmost pleasure to be with the people of whole world in the celebration of “World Tourism Day” which is a significantly event to enhance stakeholders, both public and private sector, development partners, national and international organizations, citizens and tourists to clearer understand  about the important role of tourism sector in contributing to addressing the facing challenges of the world at the present and in the future as well as catching opportunity stemming from evolution of economic, trading, social, and environmental and technological atmospheres. Taking this time, the Cambodian Royal Government would like to admire and thank tour operators, tour guides, and nephews who are serving directly in tourism business bases and tourism resorts in the country for in past paying attention to service providing to national and international tourists in a smile, gentle, moral and high professionalism manner. 2019 World Tourism Day will be a reminding, especially about the significant role of tourism sector in generating skills and jobs for youths, women, and local community in order to develop a sustainable and inclusive tourism in the context of globalization and industry 4.0.

          Beloved Compatriots!

          As already known, tourism sector is a maximized labor force contributing to job skill creation, enhancing entrepreneurships, new creation, and innovation for the prosperity and progress of the current and in the future society.  Beside direct jobs creation for itself, tourism sector will also enhance the jobs creation in the actively other fields – 1 direct job creates q. jobs for related sectors, through products creation or tourism supplying services.  Noticeably, Cambodia’s as well as the world’s tourism sector generated jobs for women and youths more than other fields and in particular provided tremendous opportunity for small scale investments which are mostly created by young entrepreneurs, in which the women are the most.

          In fact, the globalization and industry 4.0 do provide a tremendous opportunity in Cambodian tourism sector for young youths in reaping business by themselves, both city and community levels. Youths are the source of newly creation and innovation which will contribute to strengthening competitive advantages of tourism sector in confrontation to constantly changing trends of travelling demands, the world’s tourist growth, the changing of technology, and the increasingly fasting competition. In this regard, the Cambodian Royal Government has supported and inspired the launching of youths’ business in tourism sector in consistent with the Cambodian Royal Government’s platform.

          Nowadays, newly tourism trends in the globe as well as food tourism, and health check and medical tourism, adventure tourism, religious tourism and self –driving tourism have been creating further opportunity to youths as well as general people in catching newly skills and jobs as well as generating small and medium enterprises forwards to responding the growth of these demands. At the same time, we will also encounter the some facing challenges; in particular have to supply skills in accordance with the present and in the future demands, and which these factors require to have partnership cooperation between state, private and other stakeholders. In this sense, tourism vocation training institutions need to update constantly its curriculums in order to response to the increasingly fasting changing skill market demands – the approaches of skills training are to focus on self- capacity improving in adaptation to newly trends in the future. Furthermore, all enterprises, in particular tourism sector need to further consider on improving their staffs’ skill, by having to have skill increasing program, talent maintaining in order for foundation in strengthening their competitive advantages.

          Taking this time, I would like to support and once again inspire the Ministry of Tourism which has always high paid attention to training and improving capacity of youths who are serving in as well as students who are studying to receive high capability in line with national and ASEAN curriculums standard, through putting out and implementing mechanism “One Staff, One Skill” and Human Resource Development Strategic Plan in Tourism 2017 – 2025. In this sense, to enhance tourism sector to provide better benefits and contribute to building prosperous future, for the people and related parties need to close cooperate in boosting and developing human capital in tourism sector in consistent with sustainable development goals of the United Nations, especially contributing to the realization of 4th goal “Lifelong Learning” and the 8th goal “Decent Works”.

          Once again, I believe that the World Tourism Day 2019, under theme “Tourism and Jobs: A Better Future for All” will provide the further attention to human resource development in tourism; enhance entrepreneurship, boost newly creation and innovation in compliance with newly tourism trends; the progress of science and technology; the changing of demography in the context of globalization and industry 4.0.

          Taking this time, I would like to call for all citizens, ministries/institutions, related authorities, private sector and national and international non-governmental organizations please to continue contributing to more actively supporting and contributing in Cambodian tourism development, through maintaining peace, political stability, the preservation of cultural, traditional properties, environmental protection, the enhancing of product quality and tourism service, the maintaining security and safety for tourists.

          Along with this, I would like to inspire relevant institutions and private sector to stronger participate in the competitive movement “Clean City, Clean Resorts, Good Service, and Best Hospitality” in order to make Cambodia be suitable as (Kingdom of Wonder-Feel the Warmth) and to transform Cambodia into an attractive tourist destination in region and the world.

           At the end, I would like to announce officially the World Tourism Day 2019 at India, to be successfully proceed and would like to wish the monks, at both sects and all compatriots to meet with the four Buddha blessings: Age, Caste, Happiness, and Strength onwards.