During 5 Days of Khmer New Year Replacing Holiday, Battambang Received Tourists of over Thirteen Thousand, and Earned around USD 6 Millions

During 5 Days of Khmer New Year Replacing Holiday, Battambang Received Tourists of over Thirteen Thousand, and Earned around USD 6 Millions

During 5 days of the Khmer New Year replacing holiday, which was failed to rest, due to Covid-19 pandemic, counting from 17 to 21 August, Battambang province got about 6 million US dollars from over thirteen thousand tourists; while internal international tourists of about ten thousand, according to a report of Mr. Uch Um Phinisara, Director of Tourism Department of Battambang Province, on the morning of 22 August, following the end of 5 days holiday, which was officially determined by the royal government.

The same report also expressed that: holiday starting from 17 to 21 August 2020, the department assigned officials to inspect the condition and the current of tourists and follow up the implementation of tourist safety measures at the main tourist destinations in the province, as well as instructed business owners and vendors to organize and to clean regular sanitation and environment inside their business bases, and need to have hygiene maintenance such as heat check, hand washing alcohols and gels for guests, act.

And need to take part in disseminating about Covid-19 preventive measures by needing to prevent the gathering, act.  The same source said, adding that: Khmer New Year replacing holiday, Battambang province is able to receive tourists of 13, 334, 9, in which national tourists of 13, 252, 4 and international tourist of 825; while on 21 August 2020 is the last day of holiday, there were total visiting tourists of 26. 200. Separately, during 5 days, the incomes from national and internal international tourists were six million six hundred ninety two thousand and two hundred US dollars.

Please note that: at the main resorts and tourist destinations, existing in Battambang, and the popular sites for the tourists’ visiting include: Banan Temple Resort, Phnom Sampov, Ek Phnom Temple, Baset Temple, Kampingpouy Dam, Chamkarsvay Waterfall, Thmo Da Chamkar Duren, 53 Waterfall, Nokorchum Phnompruk, Phnom Kampoul, Chamka Duren Otang, Stung Thvak, Ochoam Waterfall, Laeang Phnom Brapir, Flower House, Banan Bamboo Train, act.

President of tourism department of Battambang province strongly emphasized that 5 days of holiday at the provincial resorts and tourist destinations, tourism department also cooperated with committees of tourism pagodas in disseminating about Covid-19 preventive measures, and preventing the gatherings, in which having been cooperated with provincial health department in going to disseminate and instruct the owners of business bases and tourists to need to carry out by instruction of ministry of health on the prevention to Covid-19 pandemic.

Along with well cooperation from all parts, in particular having been cooperated with local authorities and the three forces in maintaining public order, and ensuring the safety for tourists who visited at resorts and tourist destinations.