Greater Mekong Sub-region Nations Shared Mutual Experiences during Covid-19 and Post – Covid19 Crisis Tourism Recovery

Greater Mekong Sub-region Nations Shared Mutual Experiences during Covid-19 and Post – Covid-19 Crisis Tourism Recovery

(Phnom Penh): As the outbreak of Covid-19 has still protracted many months ago has caused the global tourism encounters serious crisis, but a number of nations have also made immense efforts in recovering their tourism, by the certain countries are able to take control on situation, while others meet the failure. Obviously, on 25 August 2020, Greater Mekong Sub-region nations include: China, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam held the 1st Destination Mekong Summit via video-conference in the common aim at making the tourism recovery available during and post – Covid-19 crisis.

Despite the meeting is the affairs of Greater Mekong Sub-region nations, but among them, there were the participants from over the world, both public institutions and private sectors, totally about 1,000 participants.  Cambodian side was led by H.E. Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism, and Minister had also shared a number of best practices with online meeting. The themes to be discussed are of up to 10 chapters with regard to political affairs, laid out by Royal Governments of Greater Mekong Sub-region Nations, the implementation of tourists’ travelling guidelines from a safe destination to another safe destination, and the discussion on solutions to Covid-19 impacts and regional tourism recovery, act. On that occasion, minister Thong Khon had also underlined that the resistance against with a cruel beast Covid-19, Cambodia has not been silent, by the Royal Government, Ministry of Health, under the assistance from World Health Organization laid out preventive measures to curb and actively fight and paying utmost attention.

Minister continued that managements, servants of ministries, institutions, units as well as Cambodian people have actively participated in preventing, curbing and fighting against a global disease, in which the Ministry of Tourism has always actively worked in her jurisdiction on the implementation of tourist safety measures at resorts, tourism communities, business bases, accommodation services, food business and service bases, land-route and water-way transportation services bases. The effort is to make sure the tourism recovery available for some nations in order to help not meet too serious crisis, on which the Ministry of Tourism has urged domestic tourist movements, linking with the strengthening the implementation of tourist safety measures at the above six tourism business bases to enable breath of national tourism to have been survived. Thong Khon said that ministry of tourism has always sought cooperation and collaboration from national and international partners to strengthen the implementation of the major tasks in her tourism.

What to be noted in this meeting, private sectors in tourism and numerous international tourists have seen that, the degree of Covid-19 transmission in Greater Mekong Sub-region nations is less that other regions which should be prepared for the visiting of tourists in the future, but the safety guaranty for tourists has to be high and clear ensured.  But, however, nations in this region dare not receive international tourists yet, because external risks are high – only certain domestic tourists, for instance Cambodian, Thailand and Chinese.  To Cambodia, despite not be able to get international tourists, Cambodia has still constantly prepared such as the inspiration for investments in creating newly and high safe tourism products, the encouraging people to know how to use digital technology in order to keep up the era of industrial revolution 4.0, the coaching and training the additional human resources in tourism, and the promotion to the  investments on agricultural sector, prevention, the curbing and the fight against with Covid-19, especially the prevention not to have transmission into people communities, this the additional expression of H.E. Thong Khon in the 1st Destination Mekong Summit.

Thong Khon revealed that, recently Cambodian Royal Government permitted to have 5 days holiday to replace for holiday during the last Khmer New Year, by during that 5 days, Cambodia got total domestic tourists of 1.4 million. What to be pleasant is that have no Covid-19 cases found on any citizen or tourist. Another new point in above meeting is the Thailand raised about a plan wishing to discuss with other nations to view on feasibility in carrying out “Green Travel Bubble”, as bilateral and trilateral, and if succeed, they will reach at multilateral.