Minister THONG Khon: In This New Context, Those Who Are Serving in Tourism Need to Know How to Use Online and Follow Safety Measures

Minister THONG Khon: In This New Context, Those Who Are Serving in Tourism Need to Know How to Use Online and Follow Safety Measures

(Phnom Penh): Due to the entire world is facing COVID-19 infectious disease crisis has forced the human’s lifestyle needs to be changed to a new pattern, of which tourism has been facing a bit change, even the tourism expert training is unable to be followed the same standards as before – is needed to be more improved than before.  Around this context, Tourism Expert Committee as well as Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia raised a number of newly solutions from First Semester Meeting of Tourism Expert Committee and Continuing Direction for Second Semester 2020, which was held in the Evening of 27August, at the office of the Ministry of Tourism, presided over by H.E. Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism.

during the meeting, the numerous key points had been raised, of which the promotion to tourism vocational training needs to be followed by digital system or online. Moreover, all tourism vocational training standards have to be integrated knowledge about tourist safety measures, as necessary obligation for those who are serving in tourism, since the context of COVID-19 pandemic onward.

With regard to tourism vocational training standards, Mr. Try Chhiv, Head of Tourism Expert Committee Secretariat, state that, since the Asean member nations signed on Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRA) in 2009 up to now, the member nations have carried out the training at schools and universities on the 32 skills of tourism vocational skills in fields of hotel and travel service. To Cambodia had already put out all of these programs at majority of schools in her country. Other Asean member nations have supported and consider Cambodia as a leading nation in implementing Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRA), and they also asked Cambodia to compile training standard on message skills.

To this standard, Cambodia organized and has already implemented subsequently successful training, and the Ministry of Tourism had already converted it from national standard to Asean standard. All those who serve in message, a head of leaving out for full-time work need to be trained from Asean master trainers, accurately accredited on Asean qualification and quality, he said. Those who already got skills training from Asean master trainers, and they are able to work at any nation as long as being at Asean region, but need to be consistent with labor laws of the receiving nations and sending nations – under jurisdiction of the Ministry of Labor of each country.

In the upcoming 2021, Asean will also lay out MICE standards of other new 32 skills in relation to main events and meetings arrangements and exhibition events, act. So, Asean tourism expert training standards in the framework of Mutual Recognition Arrangements will be up to 72 skills, included with standard on 32 hotel and travel service skills, message of 06 skills, and MICE standard of other new 32 skills.

On that occasion, Minister Thong Khon focused on instructions that all both old and new tourism vocational training standard arrangements of total newly 70 skills need to be included tourist safety measure standard to make national and Asean tourism experts implement works in accordance with newly contexts that have been facing with COVID-19 infectious disease crisis, and for the future changing situation.

Minister instructed, in addition that, to tourism expert training in the context of COVID-19 is to push for widespread digital and online training, because the people around the world in this new context wish or not, they need to change new life-style (New Normal Life) and the communication, used to directly implemented before, need to be changed to distancing or online implementation as necessary. “We have to get our tourism experts to think the online via working or studying as normal habit, which everybody is to know. Doing such is to motivate knowledge on online to be available for all human resources in Cambodia’s tourism sector, and then we will accomplish a real qualified human resource”, Minister said.