Switzerland Pledges to Continue Assisting Tourism Skill Training to Cambodian People for Another more 4 Years

Switzerland Pledges to Continue Assisting Tourism Skill Training to Cambodian People for Another more 4 Years

(Phnom Penh): Cambodian tourism gets more hope as Office of Switzerland Cooperation brought news to inform the Ministry of Tourism that the Swiss Government would continue assisting on tourism professional skill development projects to Cambodian people who reside in northern and northeastern provinces for another more 4 years. Such mentioning was done in a consultation meeting between H.E. Dr. THONG Khon, Minister of Tourism and Mr. Markus Buerli, Director of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) of Swiss Consulate General to Cambodia, at the office of the Ministry of Tourism, in the evening of 01 September 2020.

Mr. Markus Buerli said that, from the upcoming 2022 – 2025, the Swiss Government will put out another development project, which will be implemented in the certain countries in Asian region, of which there is Cambodia. The project will be implemented on a number of fields such as tourism, labor and vocational training, act. With regard to newly 2022 – 2025 project, Swiss will continue assisting tourism professional skill development to Cambodian people who reside in the northern and northeastern provinces such as Kratie, Stung Treng, Preah Vihea, Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri provinces. Mr. Markus do interests in Cambodia, which Cambodia is rich of natural resources, tourism potentialities, especially eco-tourism areas, which are available at the northern and northeastern provinces, making he is more and more loved and interested and wants to participate in preservation.

However, to help protecting all of those natural resources, the potentialities in eco-tourism need to be improved, enable local people earn much income to avoid the deforestation, wildlife hunting, bringing about natural disaster in the country, So he wants to inspire of having tourism vocational training to those local people to help them have strong and clear skills in providing better service in tourism. The idea of natural loving in Cambodia gets strongly welcome from H.E. Minister Thong Khon, as the two sides pledged that will promote the strong above tasks implementation in the future, especially when Covid-19 is over. H.E. Dr. Thong Khon showed Mr. Markus special information that the Ministry of Tourism has been preparing road-map 2020 – 2025, which there will be three stages division, included:

  • 2020 – 2021 is a pre – stage of tourism recovery, being in time of crisis management.
  • 2021 – 2023 is a stage of tourism improvement for the future progress. H.E Minister also asked for additional cooperative improvement, especially on community tourism in order to make the increasing of training on tourism service quality to community people and local people to be better, and in response to post – Covid-19 new context, or New Normal Life. To this request, Mr. Markus Buerli has strongly satisfaction in taking to consider.

Please inform that, previously Cambodia – Switzerland got used to cooperate each other on tourism development, for instance tourism professional skill training project for Cambodian youths to make them have knowledge and skills in accordance with Asian standard. There is also the standard preparation for accrediting those who are working in tourism, but have no certificate and diploma yet, as these projects have the same 4 years period. Along with this, there is tourism professional skill training program for venerable families, families of the people residing in Siem Reap province who wish to immigrate for work in Thailand in order to make them have personal skills and turn to catch works in tourism in the country, or in their local bases.  On last August 2020, the Ministry of Tourism signed a memorandum of understanding with Swiss Contact Cambodia on further tourism professional skill training to those who are serving in tourism in Kratie, Stung Treng, Preah Vihea, Mondulkiri, and Ratanakiri provinces. This training program is to respond to Asian standard and respond to New Normal Life during and post – Covid-19 crisis. Moreover, Swiss also participated with Cambodia in preparing the two Asian standards: Spa – Message standard, and MICE standard, which Cambodia leads on this task. After the two Asian standards were already prepared, Swiss is also considering on spa – message skill training assistant program and MICER skill to Cambodian people.