Cambodia Shares Experience in the Launching of Domestic Tourists during Compensation Holiday for Khmer New Year and Newly ASEAN Tourism Trends with ASEAN – Korea Members

Cambodia Shares Experience in Launching Domestic Tourists during Compensation Holiday for Khmer New Year and Newly ASEAN Tourism Trends with ASEAN – Korea Members

(Phnom Penh): At the ASEAN – Korea Tourism Workshop on Post-COVID-19 Recovery “Smart Tourism for ASEAN and Korea”, in the evening of 08 September 2020, His Excellency Thong Rathasak, Director General of Tourism Development and International Cooperation, shared good experiences with member nations of ASEAN and the Republic of Korea in the launching of intra – tourists under the Ministry of Tourism’s effective implementation of safety measures.

As a result, Cambodia got about 1.5 million national and international tourists during 5 days compensation holiday for Khmer New Year, generating about USD 100 million into national budget, by getting the support and praise from the United Nations World Tourism Organization.   Cambodia, in capacity of Chair of ASEAN National Tourism Organization, ASEAN member nations requested Cambodia to lead in organizing ASEAN safety and sanitation measures for those who are serving in ASEAN community, and prepare to establish Post – COVID-19 Tourism Recovery Plan, H.E. Thong Rathasak added. H.E. Director General briefed the meeting that, to boost confident to national and international visitors to visit ASEAN, ASEAN member nations decided to prepare:

  1. Post-Covid-19 ASEAN Tourism Recovery Plan.
  2. ASEAN Common Guideline on Safety and Sanitation in ASEAN Tourism.
  3. Prepare ASEAN Travel Bubble Scheme.

Please note that, this workshop has participation from leaderships of ASEAN – Korea member nations and private sectors include: Lee Hyuk, Secretary – General of ASEAN – Korea, Mr. Benoto C. Bengzon JR, Undersecretary of Philippine Department of Tourism, and Mr. Harry Hwang, Asia and Pacific Regional Director of United Nation World Tourism Organization and about 60 ambassadors of the 10 ASEAN nations to Philippine.

The workshop was held in the aim at addressing impacts by Covid-19 on tourism focusing mainly on tourism in ASEAN member nations and South Korea, sharing newly information and exchanging good practices, to be implemented by state institutions and private in the establishment of the recurrence of tourism relations between ASEAN – Korea member nations, in particular through smart tourism.