Laang Spean Pre-Historic Station in Battambang province

Laang Spean Pre-Historic Station in Battambang province

Laang Spean Pre-Historical Station is a name of limestone cave situated inside of Teak Treang Mountain in 38Kilomet, Treng commune, Ratannakmondul district, Battambang province, distancing about 40km from provincial town of Battambang, along the road number 57 forward to Pailin province. The cave site was discovered and initially excavated by Cecile and Raland Mourer in the 1960’s. Since 2009, the re-excavation has been done at Laang Spean cave by the Franco-Cambodian Prehistoric Mission directed by Hubert Forestier (MNHN, Paris) and Heng Sophady (MCFA, Phnom Penh). The large amounts of archaeological remains collected during the previous excavations have been studied by MPFC. The cultural layers included lithic artifacts (pebble and silex), pottery, animal bones, and human burials. New results obtained from the excavation campaigns indicate that three main distinguishable occupation layers are recognized between 71000 BP to 3000 BP; Neolithic, Hoabinhian, and Pre-Hoabinhian levels. A chronological framework was obtained using complementary methods (14C, OSL, U- Th dating) for a 5m long sequence. So far, Laang Spean is the only prehistoric site associated with Hoabinhian stone tools discovered in a well-defined stratigraphy in Cambodia. The chronological results, environmental and spatial context in connection with other hunter- gatherer sites in Mainland Southeast Asia.

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