a workshop on “the 2nd Smoke – Free Environment in Tourism Sector”

In the morning of July 09, 2019, a working group of Ministry of Tourism, in collaboration with Ministry of Health and Battambang Tourism Department, conducted a workshop on “the 2nd Smoke – Free Environment in Tourism Sector”, at the President Hotel, Battambang city, presided over by His Excellency Hor Saron, Undersecretary of State of the Ministry of Tourism, and high representative of H.E. Dr. Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism and Her. Excellency Som Chenda, Deputy Governor of Battambang province, with about total 130 participants from related departments – institutions – units and tourism business bases in Battambang town. This workshop was conducted with the views to: 

– To advertise to departments, youths, tour operators about laws on cigarettes inspection and legal documents under this laws;
– To inspire tour operators to participate in advertising smoke – free environment to national and international tourists as well as the general people;
– To advance security, welfare of the people and tourists about the impacts of using tobacco products;
– To contribute to law implementation on the inspections on tobacco products and legal documents;
– To contribute to transform Battambang city to become a smoke – free city;
Please note that in this workshop, there are presentations made by expert speakers from related institutions on the topics as following:
– Report on tourism situation and smoke –free environment in Battambang province, by Mr. Uch Um Phinisara, President of Battambang Tourism Department;
– Directives on smoke – free environment to tourism business owners throughout the Kingdom of Cambodia, by Mr. Som Seng, Vice President of National Institute of Tourism;
– The impacts of tobacco products utilization on health, economy and environment, made by Mr. Doctor. Daravuth, Representative of World Health Organization;
– Laws on tobacco products inspection and smoke banning measures and spreading tobacco products smoke in workplaces and public places, made by Mr. Hok Khieu, Director of Legislation of the Ministry of Health;
– The update of smoke –free environment, presented by Mr. Doctor. Mom Kong, Director of Cambodia Movement for Health;
Please be noted that following this workshop was concluded – from 10 – 11 and 12 July, the working group will cooperate with Battambag tourism department in directly inspecting at the tourism business and services bases in Battambang town. This workshop was completely concluded at about 12: 0’clock in the most cordially atmosphere!

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