Ek Phnom Temple

Ek Phnom Temple

Prasat Ek Phnom is a cultural tourism resort, consisting a castle namely Ek Phnom, located in Takom village, Peam Ek commune, Sangke distirct, Battambang province, distancing about 7 km, braking out from street P156 in point of Thkauv village, Kdol Dauntav commune, Ek Phnom distirct, and has the distance of 12.29 km from the provincial town of Battambang. Passengers are able to reach there by cars, motorbikes and bicycles by taking about 20 minutes.

History of Ek Phnom Temple

The castle was built in early of 11th century in year of 1027 in reign of king Suryavarman.I (1002 – 1050) in the Angkor period in order to dedicate for the deities in Hinduism. The castle has the courtyard of 30 m surrounded by gallery, from east to west is 25 m and from south to north is 49 m. It was made of sandstone facing to the east direction, to be built on a cornerstone with two flows, and there is a gallery, surrounding the tower of the temple, and the citadel made of laterite with the surrounding moats as well. Inside the campus, there are Bodhi trees providing a great shade for tourists.


It was observed that, there are many sculptures still remained at some parts reflecting about deeply faith in Hinduism. Those sculptures include: Shiva was sitting on his mount or vehicle (Nodi) with his consort, Vishu, Indra is sitting on elephant, the churning of the ocean of milk which shows off two groups of actors are: devas and demons are pulling supper snake (Vasuki) in order to grab holy water to drink to get permanent life.
Due to that time, the religion changed, the kings, officials and citizens have turned to hold Buddhism and legacies in devaraja doctrine had been abandoned which led to the damage and destruction caused by natures, bad people and consecutive wars.

Meaning of the temple

The square shape gallery and each corner consists of 4 direction door, those doors represent the 4 continents in the Hindu perspective. The main tower represents the mount meru which is home to deities, while the moats, which surround the castle, represent the ocean.