O Choam Waterfall Eco-tourism Community

O Choam Waterfall Eco-tourism Community

The O Choam Waterfall Eco-tourism Community is located in O Choam Leu village, Kampong La Pov commune, Samlot district, Battambang province, distancing about 100 km from the provincial town of Battambang.

            The O Choam Waterfall Eco-tourism Community is a potential natural tourist site. At there, there are the mixture of large trees, providing great shade and fresh air.  The waterfall which flows down from the top of hill is sourced from a huge lake with the size of about 2 hectares on the top of hill, called Tonle Phen by the locals, go through the flexible and multi-stages huge rocks, making water very clear and cool as Amrit water.

A favorable location provides great environment for the living of fishes and variety of birds to be looked. A high hill in conjunction with freshly blue colored – grass and plants have increased the power for tourists visiting at there. The O Choam Waterfall Eco-tourism Community has provided plenty of services to tourists such as: accommodation service, food and beverage services, and community tour guide service. So, all tourists no need to be concerned about the shortage.

Entertaining activities in the community are:

  • Visiting at the top of hill and looking at multi – stage waterfalls will provide different mood;
  • Swimming waterfalls;
  • Having different foods in the area, cooked by using raw materials, available in the direct community;
  • Camping with high safety;
  •  Looking at flocks of butterflies;
  • Entertaining at night and chatting as group around the fire;
  • Studying, researching, and finding out community;
  • Getting newly and differently experiences with the natures as heart of Samlot district.