Phnom Sampov Resort

Phnom Sampov Resort

Phnom Sampov is a natural resort, situated along the national road 57 (former national road 10), located in Phnom Sampov commune, Banan district. It has height of about 100m with 1030 staircases, distancing about 12km from the provincial town of Battambang.

On the top of the mountain, there is a pagoda named Kirirom and there are total 12 caves: 1. Laang Phkasla, 2. Laang Kok Throng, 3. Laang Khyol, 4. Laang Tengkloun, 5. Laang Lakorn, 6. Laang Chrey, 7. Laang Pech, 8. Laang Kveng, 9. Laang Preng, 10. Laang Sathani, 11. Laang Khbal Krorch, 12 Bat cave, but most of them there are only two caves which are most accessed to visit: Laang Phkasla and Laang Lakkorn.

Nearby Phnom Sampov, there are chains of main mountains which get involved in Khmer legend is Preahbat Reachkol Neang Romsaysok. Those mountains are Phnom Kdorng, Phnom Kropeu, Phnom Orndoeuk, Phnom Trongmorn Trongtea, Phnom Neangromsaysok, Phnom Takream, and Phnom Songkbal. More important than this, Phnom Sampov is not only a popular natural resort, but also an attractive entertaining place out of other resorts in Battambang province.

The aspect of flock of millions bats flying out the cave and the local residents call and compare them to “troops of brave Bats”, due to their flying is similar to the current of water on the air. Every day before Sunset during the period time of 5:30 pm to 5:15 pm, as specific time which flocks of Bats start flying out the cave, making much interesting from national and international tourists coming to visit at this resort.

Hundreds of national and international tourists in a day, waiting to watch flocks of Bats, always show off their happy faces for this great aspect. Moreover, these Bats have been strictly protected and preserved by local authorities. A Local resident named Mrs Gnoeng Pheab, responsible for keeping bat cave and collecting shit of bat, said that Bat preservation is really hard because of there are some opportunists who always try to shoot the bats; but until now, the situation is getting more better than before, owing to residents have better understanding about the significant of Bats for them and acknowledge about confrontation before the laws.

If mentioned about the important of Bat, they are very important, because they help to destroy bad insects destroying the crops of farmers and their shit are used to be fertilizer for the crops, and what the most special is the flocks of Bats have become an attractive tourism product in the feel of national and international tourists who come to watch every days. Thanks to presence of tourists, local economy has been improved throughout selling foods, drinks, and souvenirs.

For transportation services at Phnom Sampov, there are 08 tracks for picking tourists up the mountain which those tracks made license at Battambang Tourism Department. For security factor, at Phnom Sampov resort there are two tourist polices and 06 commune protection forces, waiting to prepare, keep, and to  protect security and safety for tourists, coming to watch and visit at this Phnom Sampov resort.