Wat Chheu Khmao is an attractive tourist destination in Battambang province

Chheu Khmao is an attractive tourist destination in Battambang province

Wat Chheu Khmoa is a magical hill and as a tourist attractive site who came to visit all seasons, the sound of boat crossing on water surface make current of water along the river, forward to Koh Chivaing village, Preychas commune, Ek Phnom district, Battambang province, distancing about 54 km. Before traveling way, they see a monastery, featuring like an ancient temple emerging from the surface of water in the middle of flooded forest  – is the Wat Chheu Khmao, a magical monastery, or floating hill, which is rich of Black trees.

This monastery was built in 1887, and Wat Chheu Khmao’s temple was made of purely Chheu Khmao tree. This monastery is a national and international tourist attractive site, visiting all seasons before going to see water bird habitat, Prek Toal. Wat Chheu Khmao was built on a hill, which in the past was rich of Chheu Khmao trees, and was cut off to make the temple that why it was named Wat Chheu Khmao. In the past, the hill was a magical hill in the middle of flooded forest of Lonle Sap area.

Despite of heavy flood, the temple built on the hill was not flooded. So, the locals named it as floating hill. In dry season, the pagoda seems an ancient temple in the middle of forest, and seems floating on the surface of water, and on the hill, there is a boat left made from KoKi wood, built since the pagoda was constructed. Wat Chheu Khmao aged about 131 years, and from the past to present, the people living in floating houses in Preychas commune and Koh Chiviang commune, Ek Phnom district always make worship, and still have belief in Buddhist statue in Wat Chheu Khmao’s temple, or on floating hill.