Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary

Prek Toal is a largest Bird Sanctuary of Cambodia


Prek Toal is a biodiversity area out of three within the Tonle Sap Lake. With the large and attractive bird shelter, Prek Toal has become an area receiving a number of tourists every year.

This place is a site, where a lot of rarely and varieties of birds have gathered to live, and made the interested nests.  Within the period of December to February, tourists will see the amazing combination of birds as all of you have always seen in animal documentary videos.

Whenever the water at other areas begins receding, the birds from all direction have gathered at there. Those birds still continue living in this area until late of February; but the water is not too much. And you are able to see those birds during September; but there are not too many.

The experts expressed that the best time for visiting those birds is at the early morning and in the evening. Hence, if you wish to take a look the amazing aspects of those birds, you have to spend a night staying in Prek Toal area. You are able to stay at the Prek Toal Environmental Office, with the simple accommodation arrangements, but be acceptable with appropriate price from 15 USD to 20 USD.

For looking at there, you may spend a bit much, because you have to take a boat, and it is not too cheap. Before you reach at there, you are to travel to Chong Khneas Port, or Me Chrei Port (base on the level of water), and you have to rent a boat to continue to Prek Toal by spending from 45 USD to 50 USD for a boat (a boat can contain from 3 to 4 persons);

when reaching at there, you are to spend for another small boat in price from 35 USD to 45 USD for looking the forest and birds (duration is about one hour). For your spending at Prek Toal area means that you made contribution to helping the educational sector in that area.