Press Release on the Outcome on the Celebration of the Congratulatory Ceremony for World Tourism Day 2020 Under Theme “Tourism and Rural Development”

Press Release on the Outcome on the Celebration of the Congratulatory Ceremony for World Tourism Day 2020 Under Theme “Tourism and Rural Development”

          On 03 October 2020, at Sokhalay Angkor hotel, Siem Reap province, the Ministry of Tourism, in collaboration with the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), celebrated the congratulatory ceremony on the World Tourism Day 2020, under the theme “Tourism and Rural Development”, presided by His Excellency Dr. Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism, and there are participation by H.E. Pov Pisith, deputy governor of Siem Reap province, managements and the officials of the ministry of tourism, Siem Reap administration, relevant competence authorities, tourism communities, tourism associations, universities, tourism vocational training schools, private sectors, and many other concerned parties, totally about 250 in adherence to the tourist safety and sanitation measures in combating to the outbreak of Covid-19.

            The ceremony listened to the content, extracted from videos-clip of H.E. Antonio Guterrres, the UN secretary general, H.E.  Zurab Pololikashvill, secretary general of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), and the congratulatory letter for World Tourism Day 2020 of Samdech Techo HUN SEN, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, as well as presentations from the two speakers and the impression from representatives of the local authorities, tourism communities, young entrepreneurs in tourism and other participating point of views, focusing mainly on the following points:

  1. Tourism, Rural Development and COVID-19: tourism has been a foundation of livelihood for the rural communities especially in the developing countries. Upon prediction of the UNWTO, international tourists will decline in the gap of 60 – 80% in 2020; hence there will be immense impact over the livelihood and rural businesses. The world sees that intra-tourists will return ahead of international tourists. Therefore, if there is clear management, the rural communities will get many benefits especially the jobs opportunity creation, the livelihood increase, and the improvement of local economy for the people, acts.
  2.  Tourism Drives Rural Development: this sector has special capacity in supporting on the relive actions of the rural communities, assisting the local communities in recovering from Covid-19 crisis and boosting the inclusive and sustainable growth. The rural tourism development provides not only jobs opportunity and enhances the livelihood of the communities, but also contributes to dealing with the facing challenges with regard to climate change, immigration throughout actions such as the protection, and the conservation environment, natural sites, heritage, cultures, traditions, and local customs.
  3. Infrastructure and Education Sector: rural tourism development requires a high consideration in developing infrastructure and training tourism professionals in line with social – economic requirements and the evolution of technology. Related institutions also play important role in ensuring the construction of enough hard infrastructures to make tourists are able to visit and get good experience easily from the rural sites especially ecotourism and agro-tourism.
  4. The creation of additional and better jobs in the rural communities: the rural tourism development has created additional employments for the venerable groups such as women, young youths, as well as low skill people. Through the rural tourism product diversification, the newly jobs, creative ideas, and innovation will be established, as a supporting foundation to creative economy.
  5. Newly Opportunities: throughout the visiting of tourists at rural areas, the communities have opportunity in getting newly ideas and being able to increase capacity in newly technology and innovation. The skill development, the access to finance, the infrastructural development, digital transformation, economic diversification,  new governance and the impact assessment should be placed as core point of the tourism recovery plan especially rural tourism in the direction to make communities have enough capability in developing tourism in their respective localities.

The whole ceremony pledged to follow high recommendations of Samdech Techo HUN SEN, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia through the congratulatory letter and supported the implementing measures as follow:

First: Tour operators, tourism communities need to cooperate with the health authorities and the capital/provincial tourism departments in continuing implementing additional tourist safety measures and sanitation in order to joint take part in combating the pandemic of COVID-19 disease especially absolutely ensuring not having community infection forwards to building up trust and confidence from tourists, as a core of the tourism restarting.

Second: Capital/provincial tourism departments have to collaborate with local authorities, communities and related institutions in organizing further rural tourism development plan in response to a global new tourism trends as well as the increasing of domestic tourists.

Third: Tourism communities that are operating need to pay attention to the creation of additional newly tourism products by making effort in researching and compiling attractiveness of natural resources, culture, tradition and regional customs forwards to transforming those potentialities into regional unique tourism products.

Fourth: All development partners who are contributing in rural tourism development in Cambodia need to cooperate with local authorities, tourism communities and related parties under the pointing out of the capital/provincial tourism departments in implementing high effective the recommendations of Samdech Techo HUN SEN.

Fifth:  Tourism departments are to collaborate with relevant parties in organizing and training the local human resources to be more active to ensure the work sustainability and the satisfied service provision.

The ceremony remembers forever the precious and priceless merit and brave heroism of Samdech Techo Prime Minister in the process of national unification and Cambodian motherland construction from ashes, left by Pol Pot genocidal regime and transformed Cambodia to be a prosperous nation as today seen, being equal to the international stage, as well as has been playing very important role in the region and in the world as well. The ceremony committed to maintain the peace to be forever stable even at any cost and believe that “Enjoy Peace, Enjoy Tourism and Development”.

Thank You Peace!