Rampart of Battambang city in time Khmer was harassed by Siem

Bitter History: Rampart of Battambang city in time Khmer was harassed by Siem.Battambang province was used to have a city protective rampart, to be constructed in 1830, in the reign of King Ang Oem. In 1837, the rampart was additional constructed to be stronger by getting assistance from the Siem King because of that time, Siem governed the Battambang province from 1795 – 1907. Samdech Preah Chao Rama III, Krong Tep Mohanakor ordered to be built the rampart in order to protect the whole Battambang city, and to defend the Khmer people from being killed by war between the Siem and Annam. The rampart was made of mortar mixed bricks in rectangular shape, with 720 meters long, 480 meters wide, 5 cubits high and 2 cubits thick. The rampart was bordered to the gap between the post office road and electricity factory to the north; the street number 1 at the east; Ho Tong Han sawmill at the south; and along the back of Kampeng monastery at the west. Look from outside, the wall was a steep wall; but inside, they piled the soil in a sloping shape against the wall, making the fort protective troops easy to climb up in combating against with enemies outside the wall. On this sloping land, they grow all red champa. The rampart had six gates, two on the east and two on the west; while at the north and south, there was only one gate. The wall had 6 towers, slightly protruded. Each tower used for putting artillery, in the middle tower at the east, a high red flag with an elephant in the center was hoisted, which was the Siamese flag at that time.