History and the Meaning of Water Festival

History and the Meaning of Water Festival

The history showed that on 14 – 15 Keit Khea Asoch and 1 roch Khea Kakdoek (the water festival Ork ormbok Bondet brotit is a great traditional ceremony to be celebrated. This ceremony was originated for a long time ago that being seen and stated in national and international documents or in inscriptions of any temples. This ceremony has significant improvement in Khmer society in the Angkor era in the reign of the King Preasbat Cheyvaraman VII (12th century) and Longvek era (Buddhism 2071, Christian 1528) in the reign of the King Ang chan 1. The reasons why the two eras have strongly development are:

A. In the Angkor era (12th century), Krong kampuchea was of prosperity and harmony, the King CheyvaramanVII had come out to make a navy war in order to oppress the enemies by utilizing the boats to liberate Krong Kampuchea from the hand of enemies. All the fights( in 1177 – 1181 of Christian ) had been inscribed by Khmer old generation on the wall of Bayon temple and Bunteaychmar temple, having the picture of Preasbat CheyvaramanVII standing on the fighting boat by holding bow and stick, accompanied by many troops.

B. In accordance with boat racing documents of traditional and custom church, authored by Thab Ben, wrote that Longvek era (Buddhism of 2071 and Christian of 1528), Preasbat AngchanI had nominated Trong Tang ponh nhea yat as the King of Kampuchea kroum, Basak district to get prepared the navy troops as three groups as following:

1. The core troop, left out to fight by using Tok ngor.

2. Assistant troop, using Tok Chev in fighting.

3. Basak troops using large boat with roof to store food.

C. According to Moha Boros Khmer documents (Buddhism of 2404 and Christian of 1860), Preasbat Norodom had ordered servants to celebrate the Tvea samas festivity. The King sited on the Preas reach domnak to watch the final boat racing in the time of Chanh preas vosa and respect to the moon a long with Bundet brotit.

The water festival:

Khmer patriarch who kept territory sovereignty by cracking down on all invasions of the enemies intended to grab the national property.  Our old generations had many part of troops, more importantly is navy. The water festival is a ceremony to be celebrated in order to remind anniversary of preparing navy of the past generations that in the past it was celebrated on 14 – 15 Keit and 1 roch Kea asoch every years. On the other hand, by having grateful for the land in which we live in harmony, and this festival is celebrated to pay respect for Preas Kongke and Preas Torony.