Consultation Workshop on Guidelines on Sample Tourism Pagoda

In the morning of 25 May, 2018, at 8:00 AM, Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia, in association with Battambang Tourism Department, organized a Consultation Workshop on Guidelines on Sample Tourism Pagoda, at Presedent Battambang Hotel, Battambang province, under presided over by H.E Hoeurng Sokun, Deputy governor of Battambang, H.E Tob Sopheak, Under Secretary of State and highly representative of Minister of Tourism and H.E Saray Chun, Under Secretary of State of Ministry of Cult and Religion of Cambodia along with having participation as trianee by directors and civil servants of tourism departments from capital/provinces, monks, archbishops, pagoda committee members, members of UYFC, students, businessowners and officials from related institutions in the province totally 93.

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This Consultation Workshop was conducted in the aims to arrange tour packages for international tourists to visit in any pagoda in Cambodia. It was noted that, recently, Ministry of Touism of Cambodia rolled out guidelines on Sample Tourism Pagoda that these guidelines were established based on 7 basic indicators, in which there are 39 detailed indicators ,and 78 criterias. Mr. Ouch Oum Phinisara, Director of Battambang Tourism Department, said that, Currently, Cambodia is of 4932 total pagodas, 68954 total monks, in which in Battambang province, a province with high potentiality of cultural, natural, religious tourisms, is of 378 total pagodas, in which 362 as Buddhist denominations pagodas, and 16 as denomination of religion pagodas, and there are 1632 total monks.

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For pogodas with potentiality for choosing as sample pagodas are: Wat Damreysor, Wat Samroungknong, Wat Keo, Wat Kompeng, Wat Kor, Wat Kandal, Wat Sangke, Wat Pipetheram, Wat Porveal and Wat Cheu Kmoav. He said adding that starting from these guidelines, rolled out by Ministry of tourism and spirit of this consultation workshop today, i firmly belive that directors of tourism department, heads of monk, pagoda committee members, directors of related departments and institutions in province will join in the implementation of guidelines in order to acomplish indicators rolled out by Ministry of Tourism forwarding to attracting international tourists, especially religious tourists coming to visit any pagoda in Cambodia as well as in Battambang province.

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