Ministry of Tourism Is Urging the Studying in Receiving Anti–COVID-19 Vaccinated International Tourists in the Fourth Quarter of 2021

Ministry of Tourism Is Urging the Studying in Receiving Anti–COVID-19 Vaccinated International Tourists in the Fourth Quarter of 2021

(Phnom Penh): The Ministry of Tourism is urging the studying on possibility in receiving the already anti-COVID-19 vaccinated international tourists from the markets, where the risk of COVID-19 is low in its first step which is expected that will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2021 in order to rescue Cambodia’s tourism industry which is serious facing crisis posed by the global outbreak of COVID-19 disease for over a year, according to expression by H.E. Dr. THONG Khon, Minister of Tourism.

To plan for re-processing in receiving the international tourists in the first step, the Ministry of Tourism will work with the Ministry of Health on conditions to make sure that we require all already anti-COVID-19 vaccinated international tourists who enter into Cambodia are to be quarantined in any degree or without being quarantined, then the ministry will ask for permission in principle from the Royal Government Samdech Techo HUN SEN in order to implement this task, said H.E. Dr. THONG Khon.

Together with what we have studied on market, the Ministry of Tourism will also work with provincial authorities and with the Vaccination Commission in seeking the support in urging the vaccination for the people and those who provide tourism service at the targets in order to ensure that our tourist destinations are safe and confidence enabling to receive already vaccinated tourists first, H.E. Dr. Minister added.

Beside of this, H.E Minister expressed that the Ministry of Tourism will also require all tourist destinations to need to consider on service quality and price properly, in particular need to implement new standard in this COVID-19 context with firmly measure: 3 Don’t, 3 Protection of the Royal Government. With this, it is needed to give tourists high confidence through requiring their staffs to wear constantly staff card and anti-COVID-19 vaccination card during their fulfillment.

H.E Dr. THONG Khon said, adding that “we will evaluate about quality of tourism service at all destinations and we will put out tourism service standard in the context of COVID-19 rapidly to identify about safety and quality of each tourist destination for international tourists”. We are doing this task gradually and we are working hard to think that we can receive international tourists, especially vaccinated tourists, in the fourth quarter of 2021”. His Excellency Dr. emphasized: “Overall, to prepare up for receiving international tourists, the first is to build trust with tourists. The second is the quality and service of tourism products and reasonable prices, and the third is to facilitate travel for tourists through international gates.

In addition, H.E Dr. Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism, also mentioned the efforts to strengthen the management of the local tourist movement when the Royal Government decided to allow people to travel from one province to another which there will be people go to many resorts, and if Phnom Penh and Takhmao are ended the closure, there will be more tourists from Phnom Penh and Kandal to visit the seaside, northeastern provinces and Siem Reap. In this context, H.E. Dr. called on people to maintain strictly health measures “3 Don’t, 3 Protection” along with anti-COVID-19 vaccination to avoid being infected by COVID-19 disease. Please be informed that what Dr. Minister Thong Khon mentioned above is a project in the Roadmap on the Cambodian Tourism Restoration and Promotional Plan in and after the COVID-19 Crisis and Master Plan for Siem Reap Provincial Tourism Development 2021-2035, which was recently approved by Samdech Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister on March 30, 2021. According to publication by some international Medias, some ASEAN countries, such as Singapore and Thailand, have announced plans to open up to international tourists who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 to save their economies in the future.  

According to a report by the Ministry of Tourism, in 2020, Cambodia received only 1.31 million international tourists, decreased by 80% and received about 9 million domestic tourists, decreased by 20 %, compared to 2019 ago. The decline in the number of international tourists last year caused the Cambodian tourism industry to lose more than 3 billion US dollars.