Those Entering into Battambang Province Tested for COVID-19, If Long–Term Stayed Will Be Quarantined

Those Entering into Battambang Province Tested for COVID-19, If Long–Term Stayed Will Be Quarantined

Battambang provincial authorities will do COVID-19 test and put in quarantine on passengers returning to live or long – term stay in the province. For passengers with a mission ordering letter from a public institution or passengers staying for less than a week will also be required to have a sample for rapid diagnosis of COVID-19, according to the content in the instructions on temporary measures to prevent COVID-19 of the provincial administration on the night of April 27.

In addition to restricting access to the province, the provincial administration has also introduced a number of prohibitions and safeguards for citizens to comply with the guidelines for the implementation of administrative measures in the province until May 13, 2021. The provincial administration has advised all citizens to strictly implement the measure of (3 Don’t, 3 Protection), while supermarket vendors and all selling sites are not allowed to sell alcohol. Authorities also do not allow for gatherings to drink alcohol. For meetings, sports and gatherings will also be banned for another two weeks, from April 29 to May 13.

For the sale of food along the Sangke River from the old stone bridge to the new bridge and in the night market, guests are not allowed to eat at the place, can only be sold for packaging. In particular, restaurants, bars and other places that are allowed to sell are to require customers or visitors to wear masks, wash their hands, disinfect and keep a safe distance.

Please be informed that in Battambang province, 2 COVID-19 patients are being treated at the Provincial Referral Hospital. Although the number of infected people is low, but to prevent this deadly disease from spreading in his province, H.E Governor Nguon Rattanak, Battambang Governor, decided to close some parts of the market in the provincial town, including the inside of the market, Moung Russey Chas in Moung Russey district, including the temporary closure of Khnach Ampor village, Prek Chik commune, Rukkiri district.

So far, Cambodia has 11063 COVID-19 cases, of which 10513 were involved in the February 20 community event. A total of 3,704 people were recovered, of which 82 COVID-19 patients died. There are currently 7,270 COVID-19 patients in Cambodia, of which 3,254 are awaiting to be sent for treatment, and 14 are being treated at home. Other patients are being treated at hospitals and clinics.