ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement for Tourism Professionals

Samdech Techo, Prime Minster of the Kingdom of Cambodia at the evening of 21 June 2018, attended to close the 2nd International Conference on “ASEAN Recognition Arrangement for Tourism Professionals”, at Sokha Hotel. Below are the important recommendations of Samdech Techo HUN SEN:
• Samdech Techo HUN SEN stated that tourism sector is regarded by the Royal Government of Cambodia as the Green Gold and on the site exportation contributing to socio – economic development via income generation, job opportunities creation, increasing investment in country, enhancing protection and cultural and natural preservation, contribution to earth’s heat reduction and sustainable national development.
• Samdech Techo stated adding that tourism sector is a major factor in promoting globalization, regional integration, national and national linking. Based on the main role, the royal government of Cambodia determined its tourism development policies based on perspective Clean and Green, adhering to principle of sustainability and responsibility indicating about development and preservation concepts.
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• Samdech Techo said that, at the present, even though some countries are in unstable, global economic and financial crisis, criminal threat and disease, the worldwide tourism is still of remarkable growth. In 2017, the world received 1, 323 million international tourists, increased by 7%.
• Samdech added that the world tourism sector contributed to national income generation equivalent to 10% of gross domestic product, job creation by one job of 10 as job in tourism sector. Income generated from tourism and world travel are equal to 30% of exportation in service and 7% of total export ranking in 3 of the world total export, while gasoline export ranks 1, and chemical product exportation ranks 2. By prediction, world tourism will continue to increase by in 2020; the world is expected to gain 1, 400 million international tourists and 1, 800 million in 2030.
• Samdech Techo Hun Sen stated that in 2017, the world ASEAN region received 125 million international tourists, increased by 8. 4% beyond expectation in which inbound tourism in ASEAN accounted for 42% by 93 million US dollars total income generation for the whole region is equal to 12% OF gross domestic product.
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• Samdech said that Cambodian tourism sector has been progressing remarkably. In 2017, international tourists visiting Cambodia are of 5. 6 million, increased by 11. 8%. Based on good condition, in 2020, Cambodia is expected to receive 7 million international tourists, in 2025 Cambodia is expected to gain 10 million international tourists, and in 2030, international tourists will reach to 15 million.
• Samdech Techo HUN SEN expressed that the result of this growth is derived from “Win Win Policy” which made Cambodia enjoys full peace, national reconciliation, national unification and territory, social security and safety throughout the nation, which is a foundation for development on all the fields.
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• Samdech Techo Hun Sen appealed for specialized banks to contribute in enhancing tourism sector by providing loan with low interest rate to students who are seeking money to study in tourism sector.
• Samdech Techo Hun Sen recommended H.E Thong Khon, minister of the ministry of tourism, to consult with specialized banks in providing loan to students to study in tourism field and make sure that graduated students have job and ability to pay back for bank.
• Samdech Techo Hun Sen said at the same time economic progress, Cambodia has been actively contributing in main international organizations in the world in order to enhance development, security and universal prosperity. Samdech added that cooperation in tourism has been further improved throughout Agreement on ASEAN Tourism, adapted and signed by ASEAN leaders in 4th ASEAN Summit 2020, Phnom Penh, and this agreement became a compass orienting in tourism development both degree and region. Samdech Techo Hun Sen gave 4 recommendations to the 2nd International Conference on “ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement for Tourism Professionals” as following:
1. The current of science and technological sector development need to be focused, in particular in the context of 4. 0 industrial revolution and development of Artificial Intelligence such as booking system, accommodation, transportation ways which are competing. In this sense, we should share our experiences and successes in putting out policy implementation supporting to decent human resource development, responding to any facing challenges forwards to cooperate in sustainable and institutional tourism development.
2. The ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement for Tourism Professionals does a mechanism making better tourism professional training system, contributes to reduce knowledge and skill gaps between follow experts in the region, facilitates in experience exchange in skill development between all state members. So state institutions, private, national and international organizations and development partners should cooperate and further support forwarding to take part in implementing the spirit of ASEAN Agreement to be more effective and reach common goal of ASEAN.
3. Promoting in establishment of Common Experience Recognition Mechanism basing on qualification principle and legal frameworks of each nation. Along with this, I would like to request ASEAN leaders to view on abilities and accelerate skills input in tourism sector into the framework of ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement for Tourism Professionals, which currently accounts for only 32 skills.
4. Tourism has been considered by the world as directly and indirectly related sector to reaching sustainable Development Goal of United Nation for 2030. In this regards, I am pleased to request for development partners, national and international organizations to cooperate and support for ASEAN countries in order to reach this goal.
Samdech firmly believes that throughout the result of the 2nd International Conference will bring about benefits for ASEAN in common tourism development forwards to enhance employment and skills in the region, contribute to sustainable tourism development, negative impact prohibition in order to ensure security stability, development and prosperity in ASEAN region. Smdech Techo HUN SEN concluded his speech at 16h: 13 minutes at the same day.

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