Cambodia Supports ASEAN in Reviewing Possibility of Reopening to International Tourists Ensuring Safety, Trust, and Confidence

(Phnom Penh): At the 3rd ASEAN Tourism Crisis Communication Working Group Meeting to assess impacts of Covid-19 crisis on ASEAN tourism and listen up the future plan of each country, the Cambodian side and other countries have presented supports for ASEAN to review the possibility in reopening to international tourists by ensuring the safety, trust and confidence to tourists and people in their respective countries.

The meeting was held via video-conference on the last 24 June 2021, chaired by H.E. Thong Rathsak, Director General of Tourism Development and International Cooperation of the Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia and Chairman of the 2021 ASEAN NTOs, and with participation from representatives of the ASEAN National Tourism Institutions (ASEAN NTOs) of the 10 member countries, the ASEAN Secretariat, the ASEAN Tourism Association (ASEANTA), the Asia-Pacific Travel Association (PATA), the ASEAN-US Business Council (US-ABC) and the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) which are in total of 74 participants.

The meeting discussed and assessed the impacts of Covid-19 on ASEAN tourism and ASEAN tourism recovery plan and other ASEAN tourism work outcomes such as:

  1. The 10 ASEAN countries have taken into consideration on reopening to international tourists and presented ongoing initiative and increased tourism cooperation between ASEAN member nations in reopening to international tourists in a safe and responsible manner.
  2. Reviewing the update of organizing Post – Covid-19 ASEAN Tourism Recovery Plan and the preparation of ASEAN guidelines on safety and sanitation for those serving and communities in tourism industry (facilitated by Cambodian side), which will be scheduled to ask for approval from ASEAN tourism ministers in time to come.
  3. International tourism communities which include: ASEANTA, PATA, US-ABC, WTTC have expressed support for ASEAN to review the possibility in reopening to international tourists by ensuring the safety, trust, and confidence.

The member countries reported on the update of vaccination in each respective country, as well as future plan for reopening to international tourists which generally are planned by member nations ahead of 2022. Member countries also once again supported Cambodia for putting out plan to promote and restore tourism in and after Covid-19 crisis which the Royal Government adapted on the past 30 March 2021.