6 Priority Areas Determined in Mondulkiri Provincial Tourism Development Master Plan

(Phnom Penh): Royal Government determined 06 priority areas for Mondulkiri provincial tourism development master plan, according to a news release on the outcomes of the National Committee for Tourism Development’s meeting to discuss on an outcome summarizing report of preparation of Mondulkiri provincial tourism development master plan (2021 – 2035).

The above meeting was made via video-conference on June 28, 2021, highly presided over by H.E. Dr. Aun Porn Moniroth, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy and Finance and Chairman of the National Committee for Tourism Development, with the participation from H.E. THONG Khon, Minister of Tourism and Chairman of the Inter-Ministerial Commission for Studying Mondulkiri Provincial Tourism Development Master Plan, both senior ministers, ministers and members of the National Committee for Tourism Development.

The 06 priority areas include:

  1. Ecotourism corridor areas and natural tourism  areas of the five wildlife sanctuaries (Phnom Prech, Nam Lear, Lumphat, Keo Seima and Sre Pok wildlife sanctuaries) which have been allowed for only investment and development on environmentally considering tourism activities.
  2. Cultural tourism corridor area and Busra – Dak Dam ecotourism area which have been encouraged for the development on only ecotourism and natural tourism activities, associated with indigenous cultural tourism.
  3. Sen Monorom city, a collection of multi-purpose tourism activities.
  4. Oreang district area is connected to the airport development project of Mondulkiri province, which can be developed as a satellite town area connected to Sen Monorom city.
  5. The urban area of ​​Koh Nhek district has potentialities to be developed as a tourist destination in the future, and the development is more extensive than in the protected area of ​​the wildlife sanctuary.
  6. Integrated tourism areas along the border, which are allowed for the development on integrated resorts.

Mondulkiri Provincial Tourism Development Master Plan (2021 – 2035) determines key visions as following:

  • Mondulkiri province determined as an international level – ecotourism destination and a main province in supplying vegetables and fruits to meet domestic demand in the country and reach being exported to overseas markets.
  • The year of 2035, the number of international tourists visited to Mondulkiri province will surge up to about 900, 000 as the number of domestic tourists will increase up to around 2 million, create about 800, 000 employments, and around USD 500 direct incomes and about USD 1, 000 million indirect incomes will be generated with a multiplier coefficient injected into national economy and Mondulkiri provincial economy.
  • Contribute to making the northeastern region with Mondulkiri province as the fourth economic pole after Phnom Penh, coastal areas and Siem Reap and integrate Mondulkiri province with other parts of the country and region.
  • Maintain a strong balance between economic development, tourism and cross-sectorial support with the conservation of natural resources, indigenous cultural heritage; ensure the maximum fruits of socio-economic development, based on the principle of equitable distribution of benefits to the relevant parties.

The master plan is an integrated plan with a number of key inter-sectoral support areas to serve as an important compass pointing out key mechanisms and strategic directions to meet the five-year national development vision (2021-2035) and the coming years, based on the current situation and the clear commitment of the Royal Government, focusing on three main objectives:

  1. Mondulkiri province is a qualified and excellent tourist destination.
  2. Mondulkiri province is an intelligent and innovative economic center and a hub for the northeast areas.
  3. Mondulkiri province is a province with clear consideration on the concept of “conservation for development and development supports on conservation”. Below is a news release of the National Committee for Tourism Development:
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