CAMSOC Standing Committee Promotes 2023 SEA Games-ASEAN Para Games Campaign

(Phnom Penh): In accordance with a 2 years promotion plan before the competition of 2023 SEA Games and ASEAN Para Games, the National Committee for Organizing the 2023 SEA Games (CAMSOC) has urged all relevant parties, especially each expert committee to need to launch the promotional campaign from now on to be a major value in readiness for hosting the historical event.

The promotion of campaign for the 2023 SEA Games and the Asian Para Games was held during the zoom via-weekly meeting of the CAMSOC Standing Committee on June 29, 2021 with the mainly focus on the reviewing of works progress of the Media and Information Commission under the leadership of H.E. THONG Khon, Minister of Tourism and Permanent Vice President of CAMSOC.

Mr. Vath Chamroeun, Secretary General of CAMSOC, said after the meeting that this is an important campaign as Cambodia has less than two years in preparation to host. Therefore, it is required that each specialized committee, including all capital-provincial authorities, which are the vice chairmen of CAMSOC, especially the capital-provinces, which are to host for the certain sports, must participate in this outreach campaign.

The secretary of state of the ministry of tourism added “there are many promotional campaigns, as  the scenarios of the strategic plan in dissemination – there are local broadcasts in which we use national media mechanisms through national television, national media, and foreign broadcasts, where we use diplomatic mechanisms, foreign affairs mechanisms through consular representatives or Cambodian embassies abroad, especially SEA Games member countries, including the embassies of other countries in Cambodia too”. He added “the promotion makes the event have value, have supports and sponsors on the event means that making the reputation of the event more valuable in attractive to more investments, supports and sponsors, act. So, all of  mechanisms are to be made with good quality in line with the standards, such as videos production, we produce in high quality for advertising, and we also make the quality of production of equipment for advertising qualified”.

Minister Thong Khon focused on raising awareness about the promotion of the 2023 SEA Games and the ASEAN Para Games, as well as announcing that Cambodia is ready to welcome guests, athletes and other countries with the warmth and hope. He expects that Cambodia’s hosting for the 2023 SEA Games and the ASEAN Para Games will be better than previous SEA Games, with dignity, honor, and a good reputation to be recorded as a historical record.