Ministry of Tourism Holds National Workshop on Rehabilitation of Cambodia’s Tourism During and After Covid-19 Crisis

(Phnom Penh): His Excellency THONG Rathsak, Director General of Tourism Development and International Cooperation, on the morning of July 01, 2021, presided to open a workshop on “Rehabilitation of Cambodia’s Tourism During and After Covid-19 Crisis”, to be air lived on the ministry of tourism’s Facebook page, and had the discussion from the national and international speakers invited from the state and private institutions, and representatives of the Mekong Tourism Coordination Office and stakeholders through video-conference.

The workshop was conducted with the purpose to exchange experiences and information from related parties on tourism rehabilitation plan, directions of units, institutions in the transformation of facing challenges posed by Covid-19 to opportunities in tourism, especially pushing the implementation of road-map on rehabilitation of Cambodia’s tourism during and after Covid-19 crisis 2021 – 2025, laid out by Royal Government.

H.E. Thong Rathsak stressed the workshop had shared about rehabilitation plan of Cambodia’s tourism during and after Covid-19 crisis to the public, private sector, partners, and all of related stakeholders in order to participate in well implementing for the upcoming 2021 – 2025, especially getting newly additional inputs on the entrepreneurship development, technology promotion in tourism, and the concept of the tourism industry association in post-crisis tourism recovery.

Mr. Chheang Vann Monin, Executive Director of Cambodian Entrepreneurship, expressed his support for entrepreneurship in the tourism sector through recent cooperation with the tourism sector, focusing mainly on promoting entrepreneurship in tourism in the coastal areas, as well as tourism training plans into the communities as well.

Mr. Federic H. Proulx, CEO of Wonderpass technology, also took a strong stance on investing in quick and easy payment technology in Cambodia’s tourism sector, although Cambodia is in the process of tourism recovery. He expects that tourism in Cambodia will significantly grow after the Covid 19 crisis, and this quick payment system will make a significant contribution not only to fast payments, but also lead to the tourism events and sports tourism managements and other visiting management as well. Please be noted that the workshop was divided into two main topics:

1. Tourism recovery plan during and after Covid-19 crisis, presented by guest speakers from the Ministry of Tourism, CEO of Cambodian Entrepreneurship, CEO of One De Pass, former CEO of Mekong Tourism Coordination Office and President of the Cambodian Tourism Federation.

The discussion highlighted tourism recovery plan in the Greater Mekong Sub-region level and in Cambodia, the private sector’s contribution to the implementation of tourism recovery plan and the preparedness of related parties for catching post-Covid-19 opportunities, especially the discussion also received a vaccination tour package plan during the fourth quarter of 2021, which the Ministry of Tourism is preparing to promote joint tourism advertisement in the Greater Mekong Sub-region, and to promote entrepreneurial development in the tourism sector.

2. Promoting digital technology on quick payment in Cambodian tourism sector, presented by representatives of private sectors, tourism industrial associations, and a representative of the Cambodian Center 4.0.The discussion highlighted the need to develop a quick and easy payment technology and the visiting management in tourism, of which the private sector is a key party in organizing newly technological systems and innovation forward at facilitating the travel of tourists from the beginning to the end of travel of the tourists.

The quick and easy payment technology is needed in the process of the outbreak of Covid-19 infectious disease forward at mitigating the use of money paper, and make it easy for payment, cash flow management, and be safe as well.