Chinese Tourists Maybe the First Tourists Who Are Allowed to Visit Cambodia

(Phnom Penh): Those in tourism sector have confirmed that Cambodia has already been ready for receiving Chinese tourists after the Prime Minister HUN SEN on last week addressed that Cambodia is able to be soon reopened in order to welcome the international tourists who have already been vaccinated against COVID-19 starting from Chinese tourists.

Mr. Tea Kileng, president of the Chinese Language Tour Guide Association, told the Phnom Penh Post on September 19: Members in his association have been ready in starting receiving international tourists; especially the Chinese nationals due to this time, almost 100% of his members have already been vaccinated against COVID-19.

He continued that, this is 2 years waited – time by those serving in all tourism sectors as during this time there are some changed their jobs to earn their lives. He said “we are ready for receiving Chinese tourists to come to visit Cambodia despite we think in the first stage there are less”. According to Mr. Tea Kileng, before having COVID-19 crisis the Chinese Language Tour Guide Association has 827 members.

President of the Cambodian Association of Travel Agents, Ms. Chhay Sivlin said that private sectors have really wanted the government to soon reopen for already vaccinated tourists because if it is long suspended, it will make neighboring countries have a chance attracting tourists who wish to visit Cambodia to turn to visit those countries. The first opening can be done with low rate of COVID-19 infected nations, and with countries with high rate of COVID-19 vaccination.

She addressed that “the high rate of vaccination in Cambodia has become a key point for Cambodia in starting receiving international tourists who have already been vaccinated. We are waiting to welcome them”.

Ministry of Tourism used to cite that Cambodia plans to reopen for international tourists who have already been all dose of vaccines against COVID-19 vaccinated from the fourth quarter of 2021 onward.

Techo HUN SEN, in occasion of the COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign Opening Ceremony for kids from age of 6 years old to 12 years old on last 17 September, said that after the accomplishment of subsequently good results in anti – COVID-19 vaccination campaign, Cambodia has been starting to gradually re-operate on the main sectors starting first from educational sector and then the service sector (tourism). He continued that due to Cambodia and China are good relationship with each other and newly rate of infection are low, Hence Chinese tourists maybe the first tourists who are allowed to come to visit Cambodia.

He stated that “the other day, it was a nightmare for me to discuss with the Chinese Foreign Minister that we should work together. It means that 7 days quarantine are required, but you (tourists) are entitled to walk out in city where you quarantined, is not quarantined in rooms and then you passed 7 days of quarantine, you are able to get out to other provinces ”. He continued that “Now let think altogether to get back to the opening of tourism because do not forget that economy of the developed countries are relied on leading services”. According to a report by the Ministry of Tourism, in 2020, Cambodia earned about $ 1.023 billion from international tourism, down 79.2 percent, if compared to 2019, accounted for $ 4.919 billion in 2019. The decline was due to the global epidemic crisis of COVID-19.