Cambodia Launches Tourism Promotion Campaign to International Markets Focusing on Content “Safety”

(Phnom Penh):Under trust in rapidly vaccination throughout the country, this time, the ministry of tourism laid out Cambodian tourism promotional campaign and called for private sectors in tourism to contribute in broadly promoting to the world focusing on the content “safety” at the same time, Cambodia is also ready for receiving foreign tourists in the soon coming time.

Such announcement was made in a news release on the outcomes of the Celebration of the Congratulation Ceremony for “World Tourism Day 2021”, which was held on 27 September 2021. The ministry of tourism confirmed that “Cambodia has today been recognized for its modernity in vaccination which the world has deemed as a key strategy in reopening for fully domestic and foreign tourists.  In this context, the ministry of tourism will focus on safety as a key message in the national and foreign tourist attractive promotion”. 

The ministry has also requested relevant parties; especially private sectors are to join altogether in organizing their respective promotion focusing on the content “Cambodia Safe”, and called for related operators to take part in implementing the tourism safety measures in order to get “Label for Tourism Safety Measures”, which the ministry of tourism already laid out.

The ministry of tourism asked domestic tour operators to increase different tour packages based on other topics (Thematic Tour Package) such as food and agricultural fruits tours, and areas based – specific events with permission, etc.

With this, in order to provide specific and timely information about tourism safety destinations to Cambodian people as well as foreign tourists, the skilled departments of the ministry of tourism need to organize the update of data and information on vaccination, infection and the implementation of standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and the implementation of health and administrative rules at the tourist destinations by making a Cambodia Destination Tracker enabling to link to any official website.

The ministry of tourism presented the evaluation that “if in the future, there has no Anti-COVID-19 vaccine found, the tourism sector is to get ready for newly establishment ranging from aircraft production to air filters in tourism business locations to prevent contamination”. However, the ministry of tourism as well as other national – international institutions unveiled hope that “humanities have always discovered solution; the crisis is always reached an end”.

Please be informed that, based on the Ministry of National Defense’s report, which was released on September 27, 2021, the first COVID-19 vaccination for troops and their families and citizens are in total of 2, 756, 844, while the second vaccination injected for people of 2, 721, 604.