UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO): Vaccines Along with Border Reopening Will Drive Tourism’s Recovery

(Spain): United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) on October 04, 2021 reiterated in its news announcement that the vaccination for the people and tourists along with the border reopening will help the recovery of tourism.

Within the news release, the World Tourism Organization has proved that the international tourism has been seen the sign of dramatically recovery on last June and July 2021, as the travel restriction were downplayed in some tourist destinations and the global vaccination campaign has moving forward in a number of regions and in the world.

 Based on the last tourism statistic of UNWTO on July 2021, the world received approximately 54 million foreign visitors, dropped 67%, compared to the same period in 2019, this is the best figure from April 2020. As comparison on the last July 2020, the international tourists were only of 34 million, sharply declined, if compared to July 2019 before the crisis, which there were up to 164 million.

UNWTO added that a number of destinations, shown in June and July 2021, had been seen a slight increase in international tourists, compared to 2020. Despite of having a good sign, the year of 2021 remains the challenges fully – year for the world tourism by during from January to July, the world tourism had been seen a decline up to 80%, compared to 2019, of which in the Asia Pacific region had been seen the most decline up to 95%, followed by Middle East, down 82%, the Europe and Africa got down about 77%. The Americas decreased least by 68%, with the Caribbean showing better than any other regions. During this period, a number of small islands in the Caribbean, Africa, Asia-Pacific and Europe received the arrivals of the international tourist close to the level of 2019, and some areas exceeded the pre-Covid-19 level.

Based on the UNWTO, the slightly progress in trust on travel is due to the reopening of some tourist destinations for international tourists, in particular destinations in Europe and America. The reducing on travel restriction for tourists who have already been vaccinated, together with modernity in vaccination have contributed to increasing trust for tourists and have been recovering a dramatically travel in Europe and other regions in the world. In contrast, some destinations in Asia remain closed for non – essential travel.

Secretary – General Zurab Polokikashili stated that “all targets show strongly need for international tourists and a number of destinations have been welcoming for foreign tourists with safety and responsibility. However, the exactly launching and the benefits obtained are un-full, lacking of consistency between laws and legal norms. Meanwhile, inequality in vaccination rates continues to affect tourists’ confidence in travel”.

UNWTO continued that despite of some regions reported about less income from international tourism for 7 months period early of 2021, there are numerous areas received progress than before in June and July of 2021, and there are some regions received incomes beyond pre – crisis level. In June 2021, Mexico received revenue similar to the June 2019 level, while July received more than 2% beyond the 2019 level. For the tourism market,  in July the two largest countries, France and the United States, which were seen the number of outbound tourists decreased by only 35% and 49% respectively, better than the previous months, although the cost is still lower than 2019.

Hope for period of September – December 2021 remains unclear. the results investigated with UNWTO’s experts proved that 53% experts think that this period in worse than expectation, as there are only 31% experts see that the situation would be better in time to come. The investigating outcomes revealed that most of tourism experts believe that the recovery will happen in 2022, particularly during the second and third quarter due to demand in international travel which has been long suspended.

 A close to middle experts believe that the world tourism will back to normal as early 2019 in 2024 or beyond and the point of recovery will be in 2023. On regions, the experts up to 58% found that the Asia Pacific region will back to a point as 2019 in 2024 or beyond and Europe in 2023 and the Middle East, the most optimistic may be in 2022.