Rough Guides: Cambodia has been evaluated by foreign tourists as the world’s friendliest country

Rough Guides, as a well-known travel agency and publisher, has released its survey results on Twitter and Facebook about the friendliest countries in the world. The results show that Cambodia ranks number one. This is its observation on the world’s friendliest countries, the tourism specialized – company with headquarter in London; UK has ranked from 10 to 01. The tourists are able to fill up the country names which they have good experiences with, especially the greetings from local people.

The results of the vote on social media showed that Cambodia received the most votes on the list of the friendliest countries. “They [Cambodians] have been through a lot, but they still have a smile on their face,” Mrs. Andrea Leber, a travel journalist and travel evaluator, wrote on her Twitter account.

 After Cambodia, the participating voters selected the Philippines and Laos for second and third ranks, while Thailand was fifth after Nepal. The other two ASEAN countries, Myanmar and Indonesia, are ranked sixth and seventh. Fiji, Scotland and Sri Lanka are in the top 10.

In the past, Cambodia has also been ranked 4th among the friendliest countries for foreigners voted by tourists in the InterNations website based in Munich, Germany.