Report for July 2018

The Battambang Provincial Tourism Department

Report for July 2018.

1 About Tourism Industrial Management, Women and Children Securities in Tourism.

The systematic tourism sector is a prioritized sector determined in the third Stage Rectangular Strategy of the Royal Government of Cambodia. With the variety of tourism potentialities, Battambang province attracted national and international tourists to come to visit and stay. Tourism is a green gold which promoted domestic product growth, built socio – economic development, provided job opportunities, increased income, enhanced living standard and contributed to poverty reduction for the people. Tourism enjoys gradually progress advancing business and tourism services in Battambang province.

  1. about Staying Tourists Statistic for July 2018

–  Total Tourists Number:       48, 908, compared to June 2018 consisted of 53, 311, decreased by 8. 25%.

–  Domestic Tourists:              41, 29, compared to June 2018 consisted of 45, 168, decreased by 8. 57%.

–  International Tourists:        7, 611, compared to June 2018 consisted of 8, 143, decreased by 6. 53%.

  • Rank of international Tourists from high to low
  1. French             1, 278.
  2. American 1, 088
  3. Thais
  4. Vietnamese
  5. Chinese
  6. British
  7. Australians
  8. German
  9. Japan
  10. Canada
  11. Others 1, 542.
  • Tourism services
  1. Hotels

All total hotels in Battambang consists of 49 hotels, in which there are total rooms of 1, 835 rooms.

  • Room with one bed: 825 rooms.
  • Room with two beds: 1, 010 rooms.
  • Meeting rooms: 22 halls.

(In which hotels made license at the Ministry of Tourism are 25 places)

  1. Guest houses

Total guest houses are 85 places with total rooms of 1, 434, in which

–    Room with one bed:              1, 059 rooms.

–     Room with two beds:             375 rooms.

(In which guest houses made license with the Ministry of Tourism are 06 places).

  1. Restaurants and Food stores

Restaurants and food stores consist of 69 places with total tables of 995 and chairs of 4, 476 (in which restaurants made license with the Ministry of Tourism are 02 places).

  1. Karaoke consist of 20 places, equal to 194 rooms. (Delegated to provincial administration).
  2. Massage and Spa: message shops consist of 07 places, equal to 50 beds. (In which message shop made license with the Ministry of Tourism are 01 place).
  3. Bars consist of 03 places (Delegated to provincial administration).
  4. Tourism Sport consists of 01 place (license issued by the ministry of tourism).
  5. Tour guides consist of 01.
  6. Tourism agencies consist of 04 branches (Three branches made license with the Ministry of Tourism and one made license with the Battambang Tourism Department).
  7. Land transportation companies consist of 16 branches (Licenses issued by Battambang Department of Public works and Transport).
  8. Water transportation companies consist of 06 branches (no licenses).


  1. Total number of international tourists coming to ask information at Battambang Tourism Information Center.

          For July 2018, the total number of international tourists coming to ask information at tourism center is 88, in which women are 32:

  • French
  • British
  • American
  • Australian
  • German
  • Greeks
  • Italian
  • Icelandic
  1. The total number of national and international tourists, visiting Wat kor village for July 2018 are 273 in which 166 are women.
  1. The total number of tourists who entry and out through Doung International Checkpoint

          For July 2018, the total number of tourists who entry and out through Doung Border International Checkpoint:

  1. Cambodian laborers
  • Cambodian laborers entered into Thailand are 132, 276 in which women are 62, 242.
  • Cambodian laborers leaved from Thailand are 135, 076, in which women are 64, 256.
  1. Illegal laborers
  • Thailand dispatched Cambodian illegal laborers to Cambodia are 12 times, total numbers are 113 people, in which women are 43 and children are 03.
  1. National and International Tourists
  • National and international tourists leaved from Thailand to Cambodia are 10, 221, in which women are 5, 478; consist of 32 nationalities.
  • National and international tourists leaved from Cambodia to Thailand are 10, 213, in which 5, 502 are women; consist of 31 nationalities.

As the above informed, please general public be known as report.



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