Cambodia Announces to Put in Use “Digital Literacy Training Program in Tourism Sector” to Be in Consistent With Industrial Revolution 4.0

(Phnom Penh): Ministry of Tourism, the Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia, and the Cambodian Center 4.0, on the morning of 10th November 2021, organized the Launching Ceremony for “Digital Literacy Training Program in Cambodian Tourism Sector” in order to join together in capacity development for those who are running tourism businesses and those serving in the tourism sector to be inconsistent with the context of digital technology evolution called “Industrial Revolution 4.0”.

The launching ceremony was directly and online conducted at the office of the ministry of tourism, presided over by His Excellency Hun Many, Chairman of the National Assembly Committee on Education, Youth, Sports, Cult, Religious Affairs, Culture and Tourism of the National Assembly and Chairman of the Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia and Chairman of the Board of Cambodian Center 4.0 and His Excellency Dr. Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism and Chairman of the Royal Government – Private Working Group to Rehabilitate and Promote Cambodian Tourism Sector During and After Covid-19 Crisis, together with presences of national – international participants of a total 272.

The digital training program in the Cambodian tourism sector was created with the aim at responding to the requirement for technological use in the current context as well as contributing to the restoration of the economic growth during and after the Covid-19 crisis. The training would help develop the digital knowledge and skills for private staff, business owners in the tourism sector as well as tourism officers at both national and sub-national levels.

His Excellency Ang Sovannaroth, deputy director-general, tourism development and international cooperation of the ministry of tourism, explained that “Digital Literacy” is referred to the capacity building for people on how to “Seek”, “Use”, and “Evaluate” on what they want to get understanding, to know, and to reach at “self – content creation” in relation to anything with safety and accuracy as well as being able to “ Share” with others to make sure it benefits for works, learning, and daily livelihood as well as for the society. In case, “Digital Literacy in Tourism Sector” is additional sharpen by focusing on what related to the tourism sector, such as certain skills related to the tourism sector. For instance, the hotel booking, the online air ticket booking, or the internet site seeking for the tour, act.

Stated in the above ceremony, H.E. Minister Thong Khon outlined the importance of digital literacy which plays a vital role in sustaining the recovery of the Cambodian tourism sector from the crisis of Covid-19 as well as contributing to enhancing the sustainability and competitive advantages of the national tourism sector through taking potentialities from the technological utilization in serve for management and for current and future development in line with the context of industrial revolution 4.0. Obviously, the technology is rapidly developing and has deeply engaged in the socio-economic activities as well as communication between all the pillars and fields of the daily livelihood by strongly affecting on the factors of production, behaviors of usage, and national economic structures including the tourism sector.

To drive for the mechanism of digital literacy in the Cambodian tourism sector successfully with efficiency, productivity, H. E. Minister Thong Khon raised three points of recommendations include:

  1. Resume organizing training courses on digital literacy in Cambodian tourism sector focusing on basic literacy and skill literacy responsive to the current and future requirements in accordance with new normal and industrial revolution 4.0.
  2. Push for having the broadly technological utilization accessed and used in all chains of price of Cambodian tourism sector both in demand and supply.
  3. Promote the modernization of tourism information providing ways both for international tourism markets and domestic tourism markets by using digital nursery.

With this, H.E. Hun Many contributed as views on 4 points to drive digital literacy in Cambodia include:

  1. Resume reinforcing the training on science and technology starting from the learning in the basic levels and high school.
  2. Continue promoting the absorption and adaption by inspiring all citizens who are socio-economic cells and indispensable actors to absorb and adapt to new technologies by attending literacy courses and finding additional resources available on the Internet.
  3. Continue strengthening cooperation between the state and private sectors and educational establishments both with general knowledge schools and vocational schools and universities to include the education on technology and science into training and orientation and the capacity building.
  4. Continue developing supporting infrastructures, in particular information and telecommunication networks to support on innovation and expanding the digital knowledge and skills in Cambodia.

The presidents handed over the certificates to the trainees who attended the training courses as well as gave a book of “Digital Literacy Training Program in Cambodian Tourism Sector”, Series of Lessons on Digital Literacy Training Program in Cambodian Tourism Sector, and a Series of Articles studying on Digital Economic Development in Cambodia to representatives of the private sector in tourism, the tourism vocational schools, and the universities to keep for use and keep for dissemination at libraries in serve for learning, researching of the public and students.