Cambodia Preparing Strategies to Attract Vaccinated Tourism from Japan and Pushing for Having Direct Flights with Each Other

(Phnom Penh): With the preparedness for welcoming to the already vaccinated international visitors, the Cambodian royal government, as well as the ministry of tourism, has been driving the dissemination to attract the safety tourism from main targets of tourist destinations, of which it has also been witnessing the tourism market target in Japan to prepare up strategies to attract more tourist from this country, according to the content of talk between His Excellency minister of tourism Thong Khon and Mr. Mikamai Masahiro, Japanese Ambassador to the Kingdom of Cambodia, to discuss on the strengthening Cambodia – Japan tourism cooperation – especially the vaccinated tourism to come to visit Cambodia, in the afternoon of November 10th, 2021, at the Embassy of Japan in the capital of Phnom Penh.

In the talk, H.E. Minister Thong Khon informed Mikamai Masahiro that Cambodia has really wanted more Japanese tourists to come to visit under the vaccinated tourism scheme, which the royal government recently announced for use – especially the reopening of the three safe destinations include: Preah Sihanouk, Koh Rong, and Dara Sakor area, from November 31, 2021 onwards and the Siem Reap – Angkor area will be next opened to tourists during January 2022.

Minister Thong Khon further discussed with Mikamai Masahiro that will drive the opening for additional Cambodia – Japan direct flights, in which there would be special preparation for Japanese tourists’ travel to the above three destinations in the context of Covid-19. In case of traveling to Siem Reap, and could be able to travel broadly to other determined tourist destinations.

Minister also urged for permission to Cambodian tour operators to enter Japan by Cambodian people who have been fully vaccinated are able to go abroad safely.

Cambodian minister of tourism and Japanese ambassador to Cambodia also agreed to expand cooperation on tourism and have laid out a plan to welcome the Japanese tourists under Cambodia’s vaccinated tourism scheme such as:

First: Support for having online workshops conducted on the connection of Cambodia – Japan tourism businesses.

Second: Support for study tours organized by Japan’s tourism companies and media.

Third: Cambodia invited the Japanese tourism companies and Medias to take part in ASEAN           Tourism Forum from 16th to 17th January 2022 in Preah Sihanouk province.

Fourth: Support Cambodia in developing tourism products such as tourism community, eco-tourism, agro-tourism, and health tourism, the second home tourism which all of these Japan is popular for.

Fifth:  Continue to support the work for human resources training, jobs creation, and increasing skills for Cambodian tourism experts.

Sixth: Ask for having the preparation of experience sharing shared by Japan on the sports event management with Cambodia and ask for help on this sports dissemination to Japanese people for SEA Game 2023 in Cambodia.

Seventh: View on the memorandum of understanding on tourism cooperation or on the framework of the future Cambodia – Japan tourism cooperation. The MoU would help further advance more comprehensive tourism cooperation.

Eight: Establish working groups between the ministry of tourism and the Japanese side to drive cooperation and initiatives to move ahead.

With this, Minister Thong Khon also invited the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan and the ASEAN-Japan Center to attend the 25th ASEAN Tourism Ministers’ Meeting and related meetings during the ASEAN Tourism Forum, from January 16th to 22nd, 2022 in Sihanoukville.