Cambodia – the Republic of Korea Agree to Strengthen Further Cooperation to Attract Tourists and Expand Tourism Development

(Phnom Penh): Cambodia and the Republic of Korea agreed mutually to strengthen further cooperation to attract tourists from Korea to come to visit Cambodia, as Cambodia has also been ready for reopening to international visitors in the strategic framework of reopening to vaccinated tourism in order to expand the tourism development of the two countries.

The confirmation came in the talk between His Excellency Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism, and Mr. Park Heung-Kyeong, Korean Ambassador to the Kingdom of Cambodia at the office of the ministry of tourism on November 12, 2021.

On that occasion, Minister Thong Khon raised that under the leadership and direct guidance of Samdech Techo Hun Sen, Cambodia has reached more than 80% vaccination for the people across the country. The results of vaccination, the education of the people, along resilience in the community are the warm foundation in step by step socio-economic reopening with high responsibility.

With this, by having high attention by Samdech Techo Prime Minister, Cambodian royal government declared to open for domestic tourism with the implementation of standard operating procedures on new normal for businesses in the tourism sector, rolled out by the ministry of tourism, in addition to road-map on Cambodia’s tourism rehabilitation and promotion during and after Covid-19 crisis and other existing strategic plans to reach at reopening a safe whole county. The result of opening to domestic tourism is an experiment in the upcoming fully reopening to international tourists.

Minister added that Cambodia is set to open to international visitors in Preah Sihanouk City, Koh Rong city, and Dara Sakor of Koh Kong province starting from 30 November 2021 onwards, and Siem Reap – Angkor will be opened in January 2022, and will continue to view the reopening of the capital of Phnom Penh across the country subsequently.

In response, the Ambassador Park Heung-Kyeong supported the initiative on reopening to fully vaccinated international tourists, and contributed to driving cooperation, urging additional Korean tourists to visit Cambodia by the people of the two countries have a high rate in getting fully vaccination under the strategy of opening to vaccinated tourism the royal government announced to put in use at the safe tourism destinations – especially at the natural tourist destinations and Siem Reap province, where Korean people like to visit.

Park Heung-Kyeong praised the ministry of tourism’s organization – in particular Road-Map on Cambodia’s Tourism Rehabilitation and Promotion During and After Covid-19 Crisis, Siem Reap Tourism Development Master Plan, Mondulkiri Tourism Development Master Plan, Strategy of Reopening to Vaccinated Tourism, Domestic Tourism Policy Measures, by considering above strategic plans as key basics which will contribute to driving Korean tourists to visit Cambodia more and more in the future, as well as strengthening further cooperation on the tourism sector.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Korea has supported the promotion of the initiative of creating main events in 2022, as the congratulation for the 25th anniversary of Cambodia – Korea diplomatic relation to attract Korean tourists and investors to come to Cambodia. He also invited the ministry of tourism to participate in the main international events in the bilateral framework, as well as the Mekong – Korea framework.

In response to Cambodia’s request, the Government of the Republic of Korea would consider promoting the preparation of the provision of additional public toilets towards to the promotion of cleanness and hygiene, the SEA Game in 2023 and continue further organizing tourist destinations – especially the northeastern provinces.

The Korean side will encourage the participation of Korean athletes in the Cambodian sailing program in December 2021. At the same time, the Korean side is ready to participate in the ASEAN Plus Three Tourism Ministers’ Meeting on the occasion of the ASEAN Tourism 2022 (ATF 2022) from January 16-22, 2022. At Cambodia’s invitation, the Korean side will also promote participation in the General Assembly of the World’s Most Beautiful Beach Club and the Sea Festival at the end of 2022. The Embassy of the Republic of Korea will also help promote Cambodia’s tourism potential as well as good cooperation with Cambodia to the Korean people through the publication of articles.