Cambodia Hosts The First Ever Tourism Exhibition To Advertise Tourism Products and Enhance Domestic Tourists Movement.

(Phnom Penh): The Ministry of Tourism, in association with Cambodia Association of Travel Agent on 20 July 2018, organized the First Ever Big Domestic Tourism Exhibition at Koh Pech to advertise tourism products and enhance domestic tourist movement who are increasing every year. In the opening ceremony of this tourism exhibition was conducted under presided over by His Excellency Thong Khon, minister of the Ministry of Tourism, and there are about 150 tourism product showing booths. His Excellency Thong Khon said that stemming from Win – Win Policy of the Prime Minister HUN SEN, Cambodia enjoys fully peace and development on all the fields, in which Cambodian tourism which is cultural and natural tourism has been regarded as Green Gold, which is constantly growing by keeping annually about 12% growth of gross domestic product, and provide over 620, 000 direct jobs and other thousands indirect jobs. His Excellency minister continued; In fact, in 2017, Cambodia received 5.6 million international tourists in rate of11. 8%, contributed to 13% of gross domestic product, and represented about 30% of Cambodian service sector, and during 5 months early of 2018, we received 2.6 million international tourists in rate of 13.5%. By prediction, Cambodia will receive about 6.2 million international tourists in 2018, and about 7 million in 2020 and will bringing about 5, 000 million US dollar total incomes, creating about 1 million job opportunities and in 2030 arrival of international tourists will reach 15 million, and will bring about 10 billion US dollars in revenue, creating jobs about 2 million jobs. H.E continued that for domestic tourists, the tourist growth is increasing constantly from year to year (6% average). Obviously, in 2015, domestic tourists are of over 9. 6 million, increased over 10 million in 2016, and close to 11 million in 2017, and as vision the ministry of tourism is expected to receive about 19 million in 2025.
The significant of domestic tourists in contributing to socio – economic development:
1. Different from international tourists, domestic tourists are not solely receive impacts from global crisis both economically, political, disease or natural disaster;
2. Contributing to regional development via income sharing and profits in other means by adding values on those areas;
3. Domestic tourists are the best ways who facilitate society’s intensity by allowing low income people, who are not able to visit to outside country, are able to make trip oversea and have chance in making trip to domestic resorts.
4. Domestic tourist movement is a tool making new tourism destinations or less well- known tourism destinations receive satisfactions and travels for serving in tourism sector;
5. Based on microeconomic vision, domestic tourism can reduce national income on international tourism sector. For instance, physical investment, transportation, accommodation, foods as well as intangible investment: training, and service improvement;
6. Domestic tourist is a major dynamic force forwards to educating the people about potentiality; to love territory and trust on the government;
His Excellency added that to promote domestic tourist movement, to implement tourism strategic plan for 2012 – 2020 to be successful and in response to the ministry of tourism’s vision which will promote to have about 19 million domestic tourists in 2025, the ministry of tourism and national committee for clean city assessment implemented some works in the aims at improving management and developing sustainable and qualified tourism products including putting out mechanism implementation of evaluating system, accommodation classification, clean city competitive movement, Samdech Techo Prime Minister Competitive Movement for Green Business in Tourism, Sample Tourism Resort Competitive Movement and Best Hospitality Competitive Movement.

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