Opening Speech of His Excellency Thong Khon, Minister of the Ministry of Tourism On the Occasion of 1st Domestic Tourist Exhibition for 2018

Opening Speech of
His Excellency Thong Khon, Minister of the Ministry of Tourism
On the Occasion of 1st
Domestic Tourist Exhibition for 2018,
On July 20, 2018, At Koh Pech.
– Excellences, Lok Chumteav, Ladies and Gentlemen!
The first of all, on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism, and I myself, I have a great pleasure
to be with Excellences, Lok Chumteav, Ladies and Gentlemen in today significantly the 1st
Domestic Tourism Exhibition for 2018.
Taking this time, I would like to appreciate and high value for actively participation of
private sector in tourism, in particular Cambodia Association of Travel Agent (CATA) and all tour
operators who always actively cooperate with the Ministry of Tourism in Cambodian tourism
development to be more progress through participating in national and international tourism
exhibitions and other events of the Ministry of Tourism.
– Excellences, Lok Chumteav, Ladies and Gentlemen!
Stemming from Win – Win Policy of Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN
Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, Cambodia enjoys fully peace and progress in all the
fields, in which Cambodian tourism, cultural and natural tourism, has been regarded as Green
Gold by the Royal Government of Cambodia, and has been constantly progressing by keeping
yearly growth, contributing about 12% to gross domestic product, and provide about 620, 000
direct jobs and other thousands of indirect jobs.
Obviously, in 2017, Cambodia received over 5, 6 million international tourists in rate of
11, 8%, contributed about 13% to gross domestic product, and represented about 30% of
Cambodian service sector. And during 5 months early of 2018, we received about 2, 6 million
international tourists in rate of 13, 5%. By prediction, Cambodia is expected to receive about 6,
2 million international tourists in 2018 and about 7 million in 2020, and will bring about 5, 000
million us dollar total revenue, create about 1 million job opportunities, and in 2030,
international tourist arrivals will reach 15 million, and will bring about 10 billion us dollars
revenue, and create about 2 million job opportunities.
While for domestic tourists, tourist growth has been increasing from years to years (6%
average). Indeed, in 2015, domestic tourists were of over 9, 6 million, increased by 10 million in
2016 and close to 11 million in 2017, and as vision, the Ministry of Tourism is expected to have
about 19 million tourists in 2025.
– Excellences, Lok Chumteav, Ladies and Gentlemen!
Based on this growth, seriously consideration and management are required, especially
there have been comprehensively tourism development and management plans at the same
time the world has been constantly facing new revolution both economically, socially and
environmentally; such as irregularities of global economy, geographic – political challenges and
natural disaster issues. In this regards, inter – sectorial and systematically tourism also impacts
and receives negative influences from those global issues. Standing on this spirits, and basing
on strategic frameworks of the Royal Government of Cambodia has been developing tourism
sector to be clean and green tourism destination, providing services with qualification and
warmth for tourists by basing on the principles of sustainable, responsible and institutional
development on the principle of wonder of Angkor Temple, Preah Vihea Temple, tangible and
intangible heritage properties, natural resources, beautiful beach, the most beautiful beach in
the world, beauty of Mekong River, foods, customs of living with naturally smiling of Cambodian
people in accordance with nickname “Cambodia: the Kingdom of Wonder – Feel the Warmth”.
With these efforts, Cambodia as well as Angkor Siem Reap received subsequent
internationally awards, especially award of “the most attractive tourism destination in the world
for 2016, and “the most attractive cultural tourism destination for 2016” to be provided by
European Council on Tourism and Trade. Along with this, Cambodia is officially recognized by
Trip Advisor Travels’ Choice as “The Most Attractive Tourism Destination for 2015”. A mount of
awards received from Trip Advisor, Angkor Temple ranked 1 as “The World Best Landmark” for
2016 and 2017. The Angkor Temple also ranked1 as The World Best Place to Visit for 2015 of
Lonely Planet. While, Siem Reap city ranked 1 in Asia, and ranked 2 in the world as “The World
Best Destination” for 2016.
– Excellences, Lok Chumteav, Ladies and Gentlemen!
The entire world recognizes the significant of domestic tourists on national economy,
society and cultures. Indeed, according to reports of World Tourism Organization on domestic
tourists in Asia and Pacific region indicated that if compared with international tourists,
domestic tourists contributes about 60% to national economy and society included:
1. Different to international tourists, domestic tourists solely receive impacts from global
crisis either economic, political, diseases or natural disasters;
2. Contribute to regional development via income redistribution effect and provide
various multiplier effects by adding value chain;
3. Domestic tourists are as best mean facilitating to social intensify by enable the
people with low income who are not able to make trip oversea for having chances in
making trip and rest at regional resorts;
4. Domestic tourist movement is a tool making less well –known new tourism
destinations to get interesting and moving forward for serving in tourism;
5. Based on the concept of macroeconomic, domestic tourists are able to reduce
national expense on international tourism sector. For instance, physical
infrastructural Investments: transportation, accommodation and foods as well as
intangible investments; such as training and strengthening services quality;
6. Domestic tourists are the major dynamic forces forwards to educate the people to
know about potentiality, to love territory and trust on the government;
Along with this, to promote domestic tourists movement, to implement tourism strategic
plan for 2012 – 2020 to get successful and response to the Ministry of Tourism’s vision, which
will promote to have about 19 million domestic tourists in 2025, the Ministry of Tourism and
National Committee for Clean City Assessment implemented some works in the aims to
strengthening management and tourism products development with qualified and sustainable
manners, including: putting out implementing mechanisms on improving accommodation
service classification evaluating system, the competitive movement “Clean City”, the competitive
and competitive movement of “Sample Tourism Resorts”, competitive movement of “Best
– Excellences, Lok Chumteav, Ladies and Gentlemen!
We observe that Cambodia enjoys some challenges hindering to domestic tourist
movement; for instance, lack of advertisements in order to attract domestic tourists, Cambodian
people have not habit in domestically making trip via tour packages and domestic tour packages
costs not able to attract tourists due to other tourism facilities such as hotels, restaurants and
transportation ways with high prices.
Domestic Tourism Exhibition, to be today held, is very important in contributing to
disseminate products, services and domestic tourism destinations to the public to facilitate
domestic tourist movement. On the top of this, to accomplish vision in promoting domestic
tourists to reach 19 million in 2025, the Ministry of Tourism also cooperated with ministries,
related institutions and private sector in tourism has been studying in putting out program policy
“Cambodia, My Homeland” under slogan of “Everyone can go”, and establish trip programs in
domestically visit tour packages with appropriate price in order to encourage students,
professors, civil servants, workers, sport players to be able to make tour at least one time a
– Excellences, Lok Chumteav, Ladies and Gentlemen!
Taking this time, I would like to convey gratitude for and high value for Cambodia
Association of Travel Agent, Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) and all Tourism Industrial
Associations which always support on Cambodian tourism development, especially thank for
organizing domestic tourism exhibition in the aims at raising publically awareness of domestic
tourism sector, more importantly providing opportunities to private companies and locally
tourism associations to have chances in advertising their products, services and tourism
destinations to direct users and strengthen state –private partnership.
I firmly believe that via the 1st Domestic Tourism Exhibition for 2018, we will more join
hand in Cambodian tourism development to accomplish vision Cambodia will receive 11 million
domestic tourists in 2025 and receive 15 million international tourists in 2030, and join
together in implementing legal frameworks and other policies of the Ministry of Tourism in
ensuring sustainable, prosperous and responsible tourism development.
At this end, I would like to wish Excellences, Lok Chumteav, Ladies and Gentlemen to
receive five blessings: Age, Caste, Happiness, Power and Recession.
I would like to open the 1st Domestic Tourism Exhibition for 2018 from now on.
Thank You!

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