The Ministry of Tourism’s a high senior official: Cambodia – Thailand is not only the biggest trade partner but also is investment partner on tourism.

(Phnom Penh): His Excellency So Mara, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Tourism, said that Cambodia and Thailand are not only trade partner but also are investment partner on tourism. Such address was made in the morning of 17 July 2018, on the occasion that he met to discuss with a senior delegation from National Tourism Institute, Thailand, as well as provincial governors and deputy provincial governors: Bangkok Phuket, Chun Bory (Pataya city), Khon Ken, Chhieng Mai, who came to make study visit and participated in MICE Roadshow of Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau, the Capital of Phnom Penh, in that time the delegation asked to meet courtesy with the leaders of the Cambodia Ministry of Tourism at the office of the Ministry of Tourism in order to find out and extract experiences on Cambodia tourism programs and to discuss on communication connectivity between the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Kingdom of Thailand in the future. His Excellency So Mara continued until now Cambodia – Thailand economic relations both in pictures of commercial flow, investments, tourism and labor force exchange, and Thailand is the biggest trade partner of Cambodia and beside of relation in bilateral trade and investment activities, another economic tie between Cambodia and Thailand is through flow of tourists. Obviously, Cambodian tourism has been moving ahead and sharply progressing by in 2017, Cambodia received about 5, 6 million international tourists, increased by 11. 8%, in which Chinese tourists were in the 1 rank while Thai tourists were in 4 ranks, about 400, 000, and during 4 months early of 2018, Cambodia received about 2 million international visitors, increased by 11. 4 %, in which Thai tourists were over 100, 000, and Cambodia, in 2018, is expected to receive about 6, 2 million international tourists and in 2020 will gain about 7 – 8  million tourists. H.E expressed Cambodia is the well –known and beautiful cultural and natural tourism destination in the world by Cambodia used to get world degree awards from subsequent international evaluating institutions as the most attractive cultural tourism destination in the world such as Trip Advisor, ArchaeoMadness and Lonely Planet. In 2018, Angkor Temple was ranked as the world best Landmark for 2018 in Traveler’s Choice Award and the Capital of Phnom Penh also got award from Tourism Council and European Commerce as the Cities of Culture and Tourism in the world for 2018. H.E added that Cambodian tourism destination has been worldwide recognized and seen as a main and attractive worldwide – degree tourism destination and through above potentialities, Cambodia will become Mice Tourism both regionally and globally. At the same time Cambodian inbound tourists are remarkable increasing; Cambodian outbound tourists are remarkable increasing too. In 2017, Cambodia was of about 1, 752, 269 inbound tourists, increased by 22. 2% by Cambodian tourists visit to Thailand are 866, 934 and the purposes of their travels are to check health, buy goods and make tour. His Excellency strongly emphasized that Currently Cambodian tourism is remarkable developing and progressing and would like to welcome and support in cooperating with Thai party, especially cooperating with Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau and all Thailand cities, which can be targets in the preparation of MICE to assist tourism development in Cambodia to be attractive both capital of Phnom Penh, Siem Reap Angkor and coastal zones.

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