A Work Discussion Made to Strengthen Bond and Cooperation between Battambang and Pailin Provinces of the Kingdom of Cambodia and Chanthaburi Province of the Kingdom of Thailand

On Thursday evening of December 02, 2021, His Excellency Sok Lou, Governor of Battambang Provincial Board of Governors, and Lok Chumteav Ban Srey Mom, Governor of Pailin Provincial Board of Governors had led Battambang’s and Pailin’s delegations to attend a work discussion to strengthen bond and cooperation between Battambang and Pailin provinces of the Kingdom of Cambodia and Chanthaburi province of the Kingdom of Thailand, led by H.E. Suthee Thongyam, Governor of Chanthaburi province of the Kingdom of Thailand.

The meeting was also attended by parties of Thailand, delegations of Battambang and Pailin provinces having directors of the relevant departments and units as well as some other related civil servants.

The meeting was aimed to discuss the works in facilitating the procedures for the workers entering to work in Chanthaburi province of the Kingdom of Thailand in time that Thailand plans to open the border gates to receive workers in Battambang in the near future. Separately, the allowing workers to work in Thailand, the health measures of the two countries are to be implemented and the full vaccination of Covid-19 vaccines (2 doses) are to be vaccinated, the test for Covid-19 needs to be done, the quarantine needs to be made, and those workers will be directly met, contacted, and responsible by owners of businesses and enterprises of Thailand.