Ministry of Tourism expects high tourist growth on International New Year’s Day as more than 80% of rooms are already booked

The ministry of tourism on the morning of 27th December claimed that the tourist growth will continue to increase on the coming International New Year’s Day as the rate of room booking in the hotels, and guesthouses at the main tourism destinations of targeting provinces have dramatically continued to increase.

 The increasing numbers are more than 80% of rooms are already booked. In which, Mr. Chuk Chumnor, spokesman for the Ministry of Tourism, claimed that the flow of tourists on International New Year’s Day will be able to exceed the previous days. The ministry of tourism spokesman Chuk Chumnor said that the main tourist destinations which are attracting the largest number of tourists for the upcoming International New Year’s Day are the coastal provinces, the provinces in the northeast, and the provinces in the northwest.

According to Mr. Chuk Chumnor, the coastal provinces are Preah Sihanouk, Kep, and Kampot provinces. Separately, the provinces in the northeast of the country are Mondulkiri and Ratanakkiri provinces, and lastly, the provinces located in the northwest include Siem Reap, Battambang, and Pursat provinces. The ministry of tourism spokesman claimed further that the numbers of room booking, as of 26 December, the target provinces such as Kep, Kampot, and Mondulkiri provinces, the quantity of the rooms booking is high – over 80% increase.

 As for the target provinces of Sihanoukville, Siem Reap, Battambang, and Ratanakkiri provinces, the booking rate is also high. According to Chuk Chumnor, the Ministry of Tourism will set up more tents for tourists if the number of rooms cannot meet all needs and said that the Ministry will monitor the hospitality services, especially food prices in entertainment areas. Regarding the increase in hotel bookings, Ms. Khay Chenda, Vice President of the Cambodian Hotel Association, said that such views show higher hopes for hotel and guesthouse business owners after they suspended operations for a long time. Ms. Chenda said further that the hotels are ready to receive guests both in quality and affordable price.

Please be informed that according to the report of the ministry of tourism, the number of tourists who visited in the fourth week, compared to the third week in December, the number of tourists continued to increase by 24.7%. In which, the main tourist destinations include: the capital of Phnom Penh, there were about 55,000 tourists visited, around 45,000 tourists in Preah Sihanouk province, more than 25,000 tourists in Siem Reap province, over 23,000 tourists in Pursat province, over 21,000 tourists in Kampot province, over 13,000 tourists in Battambang province, and over 11,000tourists in Mondulkiri province.