The 5th Khmer Empire Full Marathon Day

The 5th Khmer Empire Full Marathon Day had launched.
Siem Reap: On 5 August 2018, H.E Thong Khon, minister of tourism and president of the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia (NOCC) and H.E. Dr. Khem Bunsong, provincial governor of Siem Reap, attended to shot gun in order to start about 42 km marathon running competition at the early morning of Sunday. The Marathon Day, there are about 3, 055 national and international runners from 50 countries around the globe attending in the 5th Khmer Empire Full Marathon. H.E minister cited that this is the fifth the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia (NOCC), in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, to host this tourism event and receive strongly support from about totally 3, 055 national and international sport players, in which foreigners are of 1, 655 from 50 countries. Chinese people are the most, ranking 1; Japanese ranks 2; and Malaysian ranks 3; including Cambodian people are about 1, 400 which this number increases by 15%, if compared to 2017. Please remind that around this international event preparation, all tourists expressed their satisfaction in participating; for instance, a Singapore women, Jenny said that she satisfies to join because the preparation is on the great place, as the world heritage property of Cambodia; in particular, security of Cambodia. She added that “I think that Cambodia, event though, before and after election still enjoys peace and security such that I come to attend, especially I want to take beautiful photos of running and not focus on result win or lose ”. While, German man aged 40 expressed his satisfaction after attending as second time – he registered since 6 months before. So, he got ready for participating by not caring of election or political situation. He strongly emphasized that “I am happy because I come as family manner and see progress and happiness in Cambodia”. I had registered since 6 months before because I not care of election or political situation thanks to I see Cambodia enjoys fully peace. Should be reminded that the 5th Khmer Empire Full Marathon Day for 2018 is of 4 disciplines included: 42 km running; 21km; 10km; 3km entertaining running. The purposes of tourism event preparation are to attract tourists in rainy season, low season and help tour operators to keep their daily incomes, as well as contributing to humanitarian activities by seeking fund for Child Hospital and some other humanitarian organizations.

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