Numerous tourists watched equinox event at Angkor Wat or sunrise on the top of Angkor Wat

(Siem Reap): A number of the public, national and international tourists watched Equinox or sunrise at the top of Angkor Wat which are the overwhelming numbers after two years Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

According to Apsara Authority experts, this year’s event will take place on March 21, 2022, where you can see the sunrise at the top of Angkor Wat if the weather is favorable. This year, it is a bit cloudy, but you can still see the light red sun rising in the center of the temple and tourists are very happy.

Such crowed scene has clearly indicated the success of the royal government in controlling Covid-19 disease and has indicated that Siem Reap province is a safe tourist destination for tourists during the Covid-19 crisis.

Mr. Im Sokrithy, archaeologist and director of the Department of Temple Preservation in Angkor Park and Preventive Archeology of the APSARA Authority, said that for 2022, the sunrise on the top of the central Angkor Wat temples of this equinox fell on March 21 at around 6:30 am, a special event. The archaeologist also confirmed that the special event of sunrise on the top of Angkor Wat for 2022 may occur twice a year, once on March 21, and maybe happen again on September 22.

Experts explain that the equinox is the time between day and night to have the same length, unlike some normal months, the night is longer than the day, or the day is longer than the night is a common earth event which has always happened in the world.

But for Angkor temple, where the happened equinox is not a coincidence, it is a feature of Khmer ancestors who designed the architecture of the temple in advance with the intention of adjusting to the natural phenomena for Angkor Wat to create a sunrise event at the top of Angkor Wat.