The capital of Phnom Penh Will Have Preparation of Culture, Tourism, and Sports Exhibition at Morodok Techo Stadium from 06 – 10 April

(Phnom Penh): As the entertainment programs in the provinces are being organized in congratulation for the approaching Khmer New Year Day, the Culture, Tourism, and Sports Exhibition will also be held in the Morodok Techo Stadium, which will last 5 days from the upcoming 06 – 10 April 2022, although there is no Sankranti event like in previous years.

The exhibition arrangement is to congratulate the Khmer New Year, to promote Khmer cultures and customs, and tourism products, or to demonstrate the reputation of an immense National Stadium, which is not only used for the organization of the main sports events but is also a site, where the organization of the culture and tourism exhibition and other entertainment programs are celebrated.

The programs in the Culture, Tourism and Sports Exhibition include the products exhibition, the traditional dance performance, the mixed Khmer traditional games, Khmer traditional song, and dance program, and Khmer martial arts performance program, Tik Tok contesting program, and the song, dance, and Guru dance competition program, the medieval Miss contest, etc., which will take place at different times and hours throughout the 5 days.

The exhibition program is organized by the partnering company of KHBN, in collaboration with Morodok Techo National Stadium, Phnom Penh Administration, Ministry of Tourism, and relevant ministries – institutions, as the official opening ceremony will be conducted under the presidency of His Excellency Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism. The minister stated that “Culture, Tourism and Sports Exhibition will become an important tourism product in providing tourists and people residing in the capital of Phnom Penh and from other provinces entertainment”.

Minister Thong Khon stressed that the location of Morodok Techo National Stadium is the most favorable site for organizing events, at that site; there are both Win-Win Palace and Safari Zoo, which are all major tourist attractions. Minister Thong Khon, along with representatives of partner companies organizing the KHBN event also called for the people, tourists as well as the general public to take part in the Culture, Tourism, and Sports Exhibition.

Based on the minister Thong Khon, besides the Culture, Tourism, and Sports Exhibition in the Morodok Techo National Stadium, at the capital of Phnom Penh, in the Siem Reap, Kampong Chhnang, and other provinces and cities, there are also Sankranti events or other entertainment programs are arranged – based on the abilities of respective authorities.