Cambodia Wants to Cooperate With India in Organizing an Event “Trail of Civilization” to Promote Religious and Cultural Tourism

(Phnom Penh): Cambodia requested Indian Embassy to view the feasibility of organizing an event called “Trail of Civilization” to promote the potentiality of religious and cultural tourism to the tourists who like making religion-linked trips.

The two countries and other countries had already been successful in cooperating to hold this event in the past 2021 but were postponed. The purpose was raised in a talk between H.E. Thong Khon, Cambodian Minister of Tourism, and Mrs. Devyani Uttam Khobragade, Indian Ambassador to Cambodia before the two Memorandums of Understanding were signed, at the office of the ministry of tourism, in the Afternoon of 1st April 2022.

On that occasion, Minister Thong Khon requested Mrs. Devyani Uttam Khobragade to view the feasibility of reorganizing the event of “Trail of Civilization”, which used to be previously successfully held. Then, India and other countries in the Asian region such as Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, and Indonesia used to cooperate with each other in organizing the event of Trail of Civilization, but it was postponed.

The aim of holding the cultural event is to foster Khmer cultures, promote the religious tourism potentiality, and historical and cultural tourism destinations such as Cambodia’s Angkor resort, the Bagan area of Myanmar, and the Borobudur temple in Indonesia. Apart from that, the propagation of Buddhism is also focused on.

In response, Mrs. Ambassador Devyani agreed with the above minister Thong Khon’s request and requested the ministry of tourism’s working group to provide the concept notes in order to make the Indian Embassy do further confirmation to the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant parties in organizing this event. She believes that the preparation of the event will be possible.

Please be noted that, in past, Indian Embassy had many plans which cooperated with the ministry of tourism such as capacity building training for those serving in the tourism sector, the promotion of mutual tourism, the participation in the tourism, culture, and sports exhibitions, for instance, the International Day of Yoga, and in the future, India will contribute to implementing the three Quick Impact Project with Cambodian Ministry of Tourism is at the Boeung Sneh Bird Sanctuary, Prey Veng province, Phat Sanday Ecotourism Area, Kampong Thom province, along with the organization of a mobile app to promote tourism and ecotourism communities throughout Cambodia.