During Three Days of Khmer New Year, More Than Fifty Thousands National and International Tourists Visited Tourist Destinations in Battambang Province

(Battambang): During three days from 14th to 16th April of the Khmer New Year Day 2022, there were national and international tourists of 565, 618, in which there were international tourists of 1, 111 visited over 20 sites of tourism resorts and tourist destinations in Battambang province.

In accordance with a report of the Department of Tourism of Battambang province which was received on 17 April 2022, activities of the general situation and the numbers of tourists who visited tourist destinations include:

– Banan Temple Resort

– Phnom Sampov Resort-

Ek Phnom Resort

– Kamping Pouy Resort

– Chamkar Svay Resort

– Stung Thmor Da Chamkar Thuren Resort

– 53 Phnom Proek Waterfall Resort

– Nokor Chum Phnom Proek Resort

– Phnom Kampoul Resort- Chamkar Thuren Otang Resort

– Veal Combang Campsite Resort

– O Choam Waterfall Community – Based Ecotourism

– Prek Toal Community – Based Ecotourism- Banan Lori Recreation Center

– Stung Kranhong Resort- Stung Thvak Tourist Destination- Chamkar Mean Resort

– Ottea Tracheak Chet Resort

– Wat Phnom Chambang Tourist Destination

– Sopheak Mongkul Water Park

– Begonia Flower House

– Riverside Flower Garden

– Phnom Sampov Flower Garden

– Chheu Teal Flower Garden

– Pagodas throughout the province and tourist destinations in Battambang province.

It should be noted that the working group of the Department of Tourism has divided the force to inspect the flow of tourists, the tourism situation and strengthen the implementation of tourism safety rules and minimum standard operating procedures (SOP) along the new normal route in the resorts and major tourist destinations in the province.

Battambang city, pagodas in the province, as well as major resorts in the province, have organized tourism events such as Sankranti, concerts, exhibitions, cool areas, etc., leading to a significant increase in the flow of tourists.

Resorts and tourist destinations throughout the province are ready to receive tourists, which can increase the carrying capacity (Carrying Capacity) and some new tourist attractions have been set up.

Accommodation services in the whole province almost everywhere, there was participation in maintaining order and safety for guests from the three forces as well.