Cambodia – Sri Lanka reach up signing a memorandum of understanding to strengthen tourism cooperation and agree to start several major projects

(Phnom Penh): Cambodia and Sri Lanka have reached up signing a memorandum of understanding on tourism cooperation to pave a way for the tourism development, as the two sides have also agreed to launch the implementation of the major projects such as the driving of tourist flows, the flight connectivity, the creation of the religious tourism events, and the exchange of the mutual visits.

The signing of the memorandum of understanding was done between H.E. Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism, and Her Excellency Chaminda I. Colonne, Sri Lankan Ambassador to Cambodia, on the morning of May 10th, 2022 at the office of the Ministry of Tourism.

Prior to signing the memorandum of understanding, the two leaders met for a major works discussion in order to jointly promote tourism development and the driving of mutual tourist movement.

His Excellency Minister Thong Khon said that today, Cambodia removed many conditions to facilitate for travel of tourists such as the removing conditions that PCR 72 hours testing requirements done, exemption of quick test on arrival, and re-application of visa on arrival (Visa on arrival) as well as waiting to welcome tourists from all over the country while Cambodia is also promoting safe tourist destinations, and feel the warmth.

In conclusion, Cambodia has already been ready for welcoming to tourists. Minister Thong Khon also raised opinions to Sri Lanka in terms of the pushing for Cambodia – Sri Lanka direct flight in the time to come or as a manner Charter Flight, as today the two countries have no direct flight yet – the tourists are to transit Thailand or Malaysia, or Singapore first before continuing to arrive Cambodia.

Cambodia – Sri Lanka have also agreed to organize the Buddhism-linked – tourism event due to the two countries hold the same Buddhism and Cambodian people also like doing the Buddhism-linked tours to Sri Lanka and to India as well. Cambodia used to have already experience in organizing Buddhist tourism in the past, Cambodia cooperated with Indonesia, Lao, Myanmar, and Thailand to hold once Civilization Read in 2021.

The two sides also urged the two countries to exchange visits by the monks of the Buddhist higher education institutions of Cambodia and Sri Lanka in the future. The Cambodian-Sri Lankan sides also discussed the joint promotion of tourism to attract more tourists and tourists from the third country.

With this, the Minister Thong Khon also informed Mrs. Sri Lanka Ambassador that, today the Ministry of Tourism has been cooperating with the Ministry of Cults and Religions in driving the implementation of the plan to organize model tourism pagodas throughout the country, with at least two model tourism pagodas in each province to increase tourism products and attract more national and international tourism movements.

In order to promote the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding between Cambodia and Sri Lanka well and achieve good results, H.E. Minister Thong Khon requested a meeting held by the working groups of the two sides every three months, while this proposal was also approved by the Ambassador of Sri Lanka.