Cambodian Angkor Temple was ranked 1 in TripAdvisor

The World Congratulates for Khmer Wonderful Angkor Temple, As the World Most Famous Historical Building
(Siem Reap): By getting overwhelming interesting from travellers and millions international tourists on TripAdvisor webpage, Cambodian Angkor Temple was ranked 1 as the world most wonderful historical building for 2018 out of 25 ancient buildings, which this expresses that the world still congratulates for Khmer wonderful building. The above Award Handover – Receiving Ceremony had been conducted before Angkor temple at the evening of 09 August 2018 under presided over of H.E Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism, H.E Khem Bunsong, Governor of Siem Reap province, H.E Sok Sangva, Deputy Director General of the APSARA Authority, Mrs. Sara Matis, Director of TripAdvisor and there are participation form civil servants, tour guides, citizens, along with many other tourists. H.E Governor of Siem Reap province, Khem Bunsong, said that previously Cambodia used to get world level awards from other international evaluating institutions.

In 2014, Angkor Temple was ranked 1 as the World Most Attractive Archeological and Historical Sites on the Webpage of ArcheaoMadness. In 2016, Angkor Wat was ranked 1 as the World Well – known Cultural Tourism Resort on Webpage of Lonely Planet. And in this 2018, the Capital of Angkor also got winning award as the Capital of Tourism and Culture for the world.

His Excellency Minister Thong Khon said that Cambodian tourism development cannot be cut from increasing attractiveness of Cambodia, as qualified attractive tourism destination at both regional level and the world along with wise leadership. Cambodia received winning award as the most friendly tourism destination for international tourists via researching of Expat Insider Webpage. H.E Minister strongly emphasized that the Ministry of Tourism is committed to continuing leading Cambodian tourism to be more progress with sustainability, responsibility and comprehensive institution, and H.E called for all related parties please to cooperate with the ministry of tourism in promoting advertising works about Cambodian tourism destination to be more comprehensive on international stage, in particular cooperating with TripAdvisor. His Excellency Sok Sangva showed his optimism that throughout ranking 1 as the World Most Wonderful Historical Building, the whole Angkor resort will gain many further international tourists growth and Cambodia is more and more advertised to comprehensively the world. In the press conference at the sideline of Award Handover – Receiving Ceremony, Madame, Sara Matis cited that ranking 1 to Cambodia’s Angkor temple as the Most Wonderful Historical Building in 2018 had been conducted throughout 12 months during surveying on the interest and concept of millions tourists around the globe on 22 May 2018. After the Award Handover – Receiving Ceremony had been completed; the delegation of TripAdvisor along with tourists ridded Romok and joint in party at Pub Street at night too.

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