Department of Tourism of Battambang establishes QR Code to show tourism maps and tourist destinations in the province to make it easy for national and international tourists to visit

(Battambang): To make it easy for national and international tourists who have visited Battambang province to know about tourism resorts and tourist destinations in the province, the national and international tourists will immediately know by just scanning the QR Code, which was organized by skilled officials of the Provincial Department of Tourism for national and international tourists in the near future to come.

This was raised by the provincial tourism department’s skilled officials on the occasion that the provincial administration allowed the skilled officials of the provincial department of tourism to make a presentation on the provincial and municipal tourism maps, available in QR Code to promote widely tourism advertisement in the province to reach up the general public – particularly to get national and international tourists heard and known, in which the provincial and municipal tourism maps are prepared by attaching with QR Code allowing national and international visitors to scan to seek for the wanted various information by on the maps, the tourism resorts which have in Battambang territory are shown such as departments, provincial units, the background of Battambang, hotels, guesthouses, foods names, beverages, markets, entertainment centers, tourist areas, bus stations, and minibusses.

Battambang Provincial Governor Mr. Sok Lou expressed his support for the project to create a QR Code for tourists to scan the map to get to the destination quickly. In particular, to promote tourism in Battambang to be more comprehensive and convenient for national and international tourists visiting Battambang just scanning the QR Code will show them the wanted tourist maps and tourist destinations.

He added that in connection with this project, all departments and units around the province must cooperate with each other to provide more and more information about tourism sites in the province to be included in the system, and have to hold disseminative workshops, with participation from the citizens, resorts owners and business owners in the province – especially to get understanding on how to input data and illustrate about locations of their business bases in the tourism map – particularly to help promote and explain to traders to get understanding the benefits of launching this tourist map.

The provincial governor thanked and praised working groups of the skilled departments for making efforts in creating new achievements in the spirit of making a contribution to the promotion of more broadly provincial tourism sector as well as providing convenience to national and international tourists to show that this is the real achievement of Khmer children that we can do to promote national tourism that the Royal Government of Cambodia has considered tourism as an important green gold of the nation in the process of building and developing our country to be more developed.