His Excellency Minister of Tourism Encourages To Take Domestic Products To Be Sold At Tourism Fairs

(Preah Sihanouk): Taking the domestic products to be displayed and sold for the tourists has been encouraged to be done in the tourism fairs, but the owners of business bases or products are to consider the possibility of the customers and set a decent price as well.

On the occasion of visiting the Cambodia Biz Fair 2022 in Preah Sihanouk province, on last November 07th, 2022, H.E. Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism, encouraged to take throughout Cambodia domestic products to be exhibited in the tourism events to contribute to fostering domestic products, promoting the livelihood of the local people who are the producers, as well as to be able to showcase tourists or purchasers about the location of products, reliable sources, and the markets of those products.  

Minister stated, adding that “taking domestic products to display for the tourists is on the site exportation, on the other hand, the tourists and people seeing the products at the site of exhibition, they would be able to know about the product locations and continuing distribute to other markets”.

The products exhibition supporting the tourism sector is the addition of another level of attraction to each tourist destination, said the minister.  Good tourist destinations are to have good products and attractiveness and those products are to have decent prices too.

What the minister wants to instruct the business base owners, or producers as well as the exhibition organizers is to consider the customers ’abilities. He said during the crisis of the Covid-19, there have absolutely been some shortages, yet after the Covid-19 crisis, please do not raise too high price, because the people and tourists are also in crisis the same as all business base owners, so their incomes are limited and their expenditures are not wide, so if the business owners raise too high price, we all would be able to lose benefits.   

Minister stressed that “for the sake of long–term benefits in the future, we should make fewer benefits”. His Excellency Minister Thong Khon evaluated this trade fair the promotion of new domestic products to attract national and international tourists to come to visit the Preah Sihanouk province, as Preah Sihanouk province has important points in courting the tourists are Phnom Penh – Preah Sihanouk Expressway, which is the travel facilitation for the tourists visiting the coastal destinations.  

Should be noted that the Cambodia Biz Fair 2022 in Preah Sihanouk province had been taken for 03 days starting from 06th – 10th November 2022, co-organized by Asia-Pacific Tourism in Cambodia in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and the Sihanoukville Provincial Administration. In this event, there were a total of 250 booths, including a close to 75 international companies as buyers, as well as the participation of international businessmen from eight countries in ASEAN, China, India, and Turkey, act.