History of Lok Ta Dam Bong Kru Nhaung

History of Lok Ta Dam Bong Kru Nhaung (Black Stick Statue)

Neay Nhaung was born in Soun Mongkot district; his father names Soun and his mother names Sen. Before his mother got pregnant, the mother of Neay Nhaung’s father dreamed of God (the God of time) by taking sword to give her. Based on the dream, Wat Phnom chief monk guessed that the couple would get a son and the son would become the King; but not long. When she got pregnant, she always wanted to eat Bromatdey (a king of plant which was small look like grass with green color no flower and it was always planted in the garden). Neay Soun, as the husband, always went to pick up for making food for his wife regularly. On date when she had to deliver her baby, she had delivered a son as guessed by the monk. The baby had black skin so that the parent named as Nhaung. On time to go to school, Neay Nhaung had been the parents sent to study with Wat Phnom chief monk. Stop mention about this, we would mention about the King Chakrapt. In time Preahbat Sangkchak or Sdech Koum long, as the 15th Khmer King, had passed away, his son named Chakrapt had crowned in the Cambodia in the age of 21 years. The coronation ceremony the King Chakrapt as the King had been perfectly celebrated on 3 Kert Khe Chet Chnam Vok 1516 BC, as 972 Christian. He was the 16th Khmer King and had the tittle as Preahbat Samdech Chakrapt thea rech borom pet. He lived in the same Mohanokor Palace. The King Chakrapt had two children; the older child named Botom Kokma who was born in Chnam Vok, and the next child named Seri Kokma who was born in Chnam Roka. A long with this, Neak neang Kev, as another wife of the King Chakapt, also got pregnant was in Chnam Chout 1544 BC, as 1000 Christian. One time, the King ordered officials to collect the people in all the provinces in the aim at chopping woods, sending stones to build the palace and spy the water to clean pond, small and big Canal in the Palace. Out of the people to be gathered, it was seen a big man with black skin named Neay Nhaung. Neay Nhaung had been appointed as a leader of collected people by provincial governor; and was sent to fulfill work at the palace. The group of Neay Nhaung was ordered to chop of forest and send stones at Doungrek Mountain Rang and some gathered groups also worked at Koulen Mountain. The gathering event coursed Khmer people both men and women got very angered; but due to afraid of the King’ power and afraid of being punished so they were each had to respect the orders. One day Neay Nhaung was on shift to wait at place and had duty to make foods for other group members who went to work. In time of cooking rice, Neay Nhaung could not find object to stir rice; soon later, he turned left and right seeing a branch of black roka tree. Neay Nhaung cut that tree to stir rice; soon after, rice with white color had become the black color and by getting tired Neay Nhaung ate that rice until out of from Pa. After that Neay Nhaung restarted to cook new rice for other members; but this time Neay Nhaung could not find the black roka tree anymore. For the black roka tree gotten by Neay Nhaung, it was not known that as the intervention from angel or ghosts. But according to history of Teouk vel Pagoda in Saang district, Kandal province, recorded that because of Neay Nhaung’s perfection would become the King so that the angels planted black roka tree in the middle place, where the Neay Nhaung’ s groups had camped. After Neay Nhaung ate rice, Neay Nhaung started to have more and more very strong power was the time Neay Nhaung cut the a branch of tree to carry the rice, he started to realize that he had power look like to Seven elephants. Neay Nhaung could withdraw the tree very easy. All the gathered groups when seeing the magic of Neay Nhaung, those members started to scare, to praise and respect Neay Nhaung as strong man. Each person though that Neay Nhaung as an angel born to help the universal and restore the Buddhism. The gathered people started to serve Neay Nhaung and appointed Neay Nhaung as the King. When Neay Nhaung got power like the seven elephants, there was a black stick emerged as the weapon was the Kru nhaung stick with 5 hath 1 chang arm. Neay Nhaung couch that stick and moved it like Kangchak, and he could jump until 15 m in high. The people who saw the magic of Neay Nhaung named his as Dambang Kru Nhaung until present day. By knowing that he had got power different to commoners, he started to emerge with an idea wanting to reign as King; so he ordered all gathered people to stop cutting forest and sending stone to build the palace. All gathered people had to cut forest for making sticks instead, and started to carry weapons and prepared to train as troops in order to fight against the King Chakrapt. All the people started to follow Dambang Kru Nhaugn; so they were free from being gathered to cut forest and send to serve the King anymore. The history of Teork Vel stated that Dambang Kru Nhaung sent 100,000 troops to surround the palace. The King named, at that time, Chakrapt was getting serious sick, and he divided troops into two parts to go to fight against Dambang Kru Nhaung. The first part had to go outside the city in order to fight directly with the enemies, while the second troops needed to stand by at the palace. The fighting between the two rivals had become more and more serious and ugly. The two side troops got numerous died and wounded. Not long latter, the Kru Nhaung’s troops started to have advantage on and took victory by destroying the first part troops of the King Chakrapt. Dambang Kru Nhaung invaded until the palace was completely surrounded. At the King side left only the troops for protecting the city. However, Dambang Kru Nhaung’s troops were still not able to seize the capital. Kru Nhaung’s troops surrounded the palace for 2 months and still not able to get final victory. In that time, Dambang Kru Nhaung nominated a troop equipped with a fire and forest oil, at deep nigh, Dambang Kru Nhaung ordered the troops to fight fiercely by put the stair across the palace’s forts and throw the fire with forest oil targeting at the palace. Not long latter, the forest troops of Neay Nhaung destroyed the gate of palace successfully and went into the palace and killed cruelly on the palace’s troops and on the innocent people in palace. In that time, the King Chakrapt who was in serious sick laid on the bed when hearing the sound of fighting, seeing the fire was blaming the palace, hearing sound of cry like this, he tried to move from bed carrying the sword to go out in order to fight back the enemies; but unfortunately he fall on the floor died alone at that time. The history of Samdech Vang Choun wrote that the 16th Khmer King Chakrapt had passed away in Chnam Chot in the age of 49 years. He reigned for 29 years. History of Teok Vel expressed that Dambang Kru Nhaung when completely controlled the palace, he made funeral for the King Chakrapt and took ashes to burry at Phnom Kraom. On 10 kert, Ke Pisak, Chnam Chlov, 1545 BC, as 1001 Christian, Dambang Kru Nhaung, as commoner’s child, got coronation as King in the Cambodia. Dambang Kru Nhaung had become the 17th King after Preahbat Chakrapt, and was renamed as Preahbat Kodom arm meak Tevreach. After becoming soon King, the King dambang Kru Nhaung not hesitate to keep the previous royal families lived in happiness. He ordered all the officials to go to everywhere in the Kingdom in order to search, check, and to arrest the members of royal families and took to kill by burning as alive. Mentioned on Botom Komar, elder child of Chakrapt aged only 13 years, was very scared and escaped freely from the hand of King Dambang Kru Nhaung. He went to be monkhood in forest since that time. It was known that, he had never connected with others or gone to the villages and it was also known that he studied Art, magical subjects very well. For the second child was Preah Serey Komar, who was only 5 years living with nanny, tried to escape but could not escape from Dambang Kru Nhaung’ s troops. Preah Serey Komar had been arrested and thrown into the blaming fire in order to kill. But fortunately, at early night there was great thing occurred was that there were a group of troop came and faced having pity mind and took the Preah Serey Komar out of tire and left him in the forest and then walked away. The Preah Serey Komar was not died just only getting serious wounded on his body. By chance, there were a group of monks came across and though that Preah Serey Komar was in most serious situation so all the monks had merciful and took to feed. For long time later, his injures got recovered but his feet and hand could not move. In order to move fort and back, left and right, he tried to move by using buttocks; so that why everybody named his as Prum Kerl. Some people called as Ponhea Krek because he was picked up from the Krek tree. Now we would mention about King Dambang Kru Nhaung, as 17th Khmer King, he reigned for 7 years and 7 months. One day, he summoned royal prophet to come to guess about his fortune. He wanted to realize that was there anyone could seize his power? The prophet had calculated and guessed that the King was able to reign in the Cambodia only for 7 years and 7 months; so in the next 7 days he would be out of feast. In that time, there was a perfect man left to seize the power. Being told like this, the King Dambang Kru Nhaung though that if there was a perfect man came; he would throw his black stick at him. If I could get victory, I would surround to him and gave him the power in order to have not war; So Cambodia would not suffer because of us, and for me not to be punished. The guessed news had been heard to residents everywhere. The seventh day came, residents near and far came to gather in the palace waiting to see a perfect man. Ponhnea Krek or Prum Kerl wanted to go to the city and asked permission from the monks in order to see that perfect man. That time (Prum Kerl anged 17 years, according to history of Teak Vel), he tried to move by buttocks forwards to the palace in hope that if there was a perfect man emerged, he would ask that man to help him get recovered from disability. When seeing a perfect man came as guessed by prophet, the residents waited to see in serious state. While, the King Dambang Kru Nhaung who waited to see that man for long time, when seeing that man he would throw the Kru Naung stick at Prum Kerl in the aim at killing him. But the King’ stick became not magic and was not able to hurt that man. The place where the stick had fallen on had become a cannel named O Dambang and that area was named Battambang. Seeing like this, the residents, troops and officials had respected for Prum Kerl. While King Dambang Kru Nhaung realized that he was out of feast and capacity also surrounded to Prum Kerl and handed over his power to Prum Kerl. The former King Dambang Kru Nhaung decided to do as planed was he travelled without goal leaving from the palace in Khe Potrobot Chnam Vok. Dambang Kru Nhaung reached Lao in time that Lao was harassed by elephants making the people live in miserably for years. King Dambang Kru Nhaung came to help in order to get rid of elephants; So in giving back for his gratitude, especially the Lao King was scared of Dambang Kru Nhaung’ magic, the King handed over his daughter named Soy Bopha to Dambang Kru Nhaung as the wife. But Lao King though that Dambang Kru Nhaung was very strong and would be able to seize power from him someday; so have to do something to get rid of him before. Lao King had persuaded his daughter to use trick to ask her husband where his weakness was situated, and if wanted to kill how way could be utilized. When realizing everything, she had to tell me immediately. By having persuading from wife, Dambang Kru Nhaung counted about his mysterious in connection to his life. Neang Soybopha took this news to inform her father. Afer being told, the Lao King was not hesitated and managed to prepare a machine in toilet for killing Dambang Kru Nhaung. One day when got inside the toilet, Dambang Kru Nhaung walked and pushed with a line making a machine shoots at his buttock where his weakness situated. Dambang Kru Nhaung was not died immediately. In that time Dambang Kru Nhaung realized clearly about the course making losing his life. He mentioned that should not lose trick of beautiful girl and he advised that:
1. Not steep in time we were bowed by wind;
2. When going to bed not mention about mysterious to the wife;
3. Not trust any women beside of family;
4. When getting hungry, we have to take rice to cook before eating;

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