Tourism Expo 2018 in Tokyo, Japan

Minister Thong Khon: Currently, community tourism sector has been strongly paid attention by the world

(Tokyo – Japan): By community tourism sector has actively contributed to immigration mitigation from rural to urban; contributed to environmental protection, such that Japan Tourism Expo 2018 in Tokyo, Japan, and the 2nd Tourism Ministers Roundtable Meeting raised single topic to deeply discuss was Sustainable Tourism for Community Development. The 2nd Tourism Ministers Roundtable Meeting was conducted on 20 September 2018, in which there are participations from 19 countries ministers and representatives of the main international organizations; including Mr. Zurab Pololikashvili, Secretary General of United Nation World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and Mrs. Gloria Guevara, Director of World Tourism and Travel Organization (WTTO) and Mr. Mario HARDY, Director General of Pacific Association of Travel Agents (PATA) and Mr. Shannon Stowell, Director of Adventure Tourism Association (ATA) by sharing experiences and discussing to seek ways and strategies to develop tourism communities with sustainability for nations and region. On that occasion, H.E. Minister Thong Khon outlined sample formula 4Ps found in Cambodia and universal recognized:

1. P1. Public: national government and sub national government need to focus on developing infrastructures ( visiting roads); preparing policies, legal norms and laws to support and protect communities;
2. P2. Partnership: national and international partners; such as United Nation World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Asia Development Bank (ADB), PATA and Wild Life Alliance and donor countries need to finance and provide technical assistant in human resource development, community development management, information technological training, responsible community advertisement throughout international community networks;

3. P3. Private: Tour Operators, Tour Agencies and tourism businesses need to help advertise as well as preparing tour packages responsible to tourism communities and help in bringing small scale investment project; such as Eco – lodges to communities;
4. P4. People (community people and tourists): community people is key matter, they have to across education and training enable them to understand about value and benefits, especially income generated from tourism activities rather than income generated from hunting wildlife and forest destruction. Benefits from tourism activities are incomes from homestays; tour guides; food services; beverage supply and transportation services. For domestic tourists and international tourists, they need to get well education about responsible tour, respect for customs and traditional of local communities as well as environmental protection and nature. Should be reminded that key of sustainable tourism to develop communities is the equitable benefits sharing to community people. H.E. Minister continued ASEAN also put out many tourism standards forwards to ensuring products and tourism service with qualification; such as ASEAN Tourism Community Standard, ASEAN Homestay Standard. Particularly, out of those standards, Cambodia has honors in name of leading country in preparation of ASEAN Tourism Community Standard and ASEAN Clean City Standard. Along with this, Cambodia also prepared its standards to ensure products quality and tourism services forwards to ensuring sustainable tourism. On the other hand, H.E. informed the forum that Cambodia enjoys over 2,000 communities registered in separate institutions; for instance, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology by finding that out of 2, 000 communities, there are some communities have potentialities in developing adding to tourism community, which can earn further income from tourism activities for communities. The Royal Government of Cambodia also established a Inter ministries working groups having Ministry of Tourism as chair; Ministry of Environment as permanent deputy director and other relevant Ministries as member to practical view in the aims at developing to be tourism communities. The Minister Roundtable Meeting paid attention and praised and thanked Cambodia for sharing good experiences.

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